Culture is not an industry

Culture is not an industry: Reclaiming art and culture for the common good by Justin O'Connor argues that art and culture in the UK need to renew their social contract and re-align with the radical agenda for a more equitable future. Bold and uncompromising, the book offers a powerful vision for change.

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The Culture is not an industry book stands against a backdrop of torn yellow paper. The text includes an endorsement from Julianne Schultz, Professor Emerita of Media and Culture at Griffith University and says: ‘Restores culture to its rightful place’ in large black lettering.

Human Remains & Violence Issue 9.2

With guest editors Tâm T. T. Ngô & Sarah Wagner, this special issue examines Asian experiences of war and mass death in the previous century, with case studies from across China, Japan, Korea and North and South Vietnam.

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Over a maroon x-ray of a human skull is the cover of the Human Remains & Violence journal. This cover features an x-ray of a broken leg.

Issue 5.2 of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs is now available to read!

This issue features a special section edited by Darryl Stellmach and Larissa Fast on humanitarian use and debates around medical data, an introduction from Duncan McLean, as well as three general papers on humanitarianism in South Sudan.

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A figure stands on the horizon, silhouetted by a white moon. The title of the issue, ‘The Journal of Humanitarian affairs volume 5.2’ is written in white and purple contrasting with the purple and orange scenery in the background.

Open access texts in collaboration with Lund University Press

We’re very happy to spotlight our collaboration with Lund University Press, bringing cutting-edge Scandinavian scholarship to English-speaking audiences.

You can read about our collaboration with Lund in our latest blogpost here.

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Over the Swedish flag are three book covers: Incest in Sweden, 1680-1940, Heritopia and Humboldt and the modern German university. Over a grey banner are the logos of Lund University and Manchester University Press. The text says: Open access scholarship in collaboration with Lund University.

Discover a world of knowledge with our SDG reading list!

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the world? Look no further! We've curated an inspiring reading list that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dive into thought-provoking books that tackle various global challenges head-on.

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The Sustainable Development Goals logo beside the SDG wheel separated into 17 colourful slices representing the 17 sustainability goals as outlined by the UN.

Bog bodies

Melanie Giles' award-winning open access book Bog bodies has been commended for its sensitive treatment of the study, preservation and display of human remains. Discover stories of Manchester's local peatlands, with 60 colour illustrations and including the 'cold case' forensic study of Worsley Man, now on manchesterhive.

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In a black and gold colour-scheme, the book Bog bodies is presented alongside text reading: Winner of the Current Archaeology Awards 2022 Book of the year. Beneath is a quote from Neil Redfern of British Archaeology: 'I am left saying, hell yes - this is archaeology. Archaeology of the very best kind - the kind that helps you explore what it is to be human.' The cover of Bog bodies shows the well-preserved head of the Tollund Man.