Manchester Religious Studies

Manchester Religious Studies is a collection of 101 books written by leading names in the field as well as the journal, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library. It covers a range of disciplines including theology, philosophy, history of religion and sociology, with a focus on Christianity, Judaism and Islam.




Creating God

What do we really know about how and where religions began, and how they spread?

In this bold new book, award-winning author Robin Derricourt takes us on a journey through the birth and growth of several major religions, using history and archaeology to recreate the times, places and societies that witnessed the rise of significant monotheistic faiths. Beginning with Mormonism and working backwards through Islam, Christianity and Judaism to Zoroastrianism, Creating God opens up the conditions that allowed religious movements to emerge, attract their first followers and grow.

Publishing May 2021


The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library

Our theme for the hive this month is religion - check out these two articles, available to read for free until the end of May from the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library!

Truth at Stake? The Posthumous Reputation of Archbishop Cranmer by Gareth Atkins

In persona Christi: Liturgical Gloves and the Construction of Public Religious Identity by Cordelia Warr


Beef, Bible and bullets

Written by a journalist with decades of experience in the field, Beef, Bible and bullets is a compelling account of the origins of Brazil's unique brand of right-wing populism. Lapper offers the first major assessment of the Bolsonaro government and the growing tensions between extremist and moderate conservatives.

Publishing June 2021