Volume 20 (2018): Issue 1-2 (Jan 2018)

in Gothic Studies

Reframing Radcliffe
Botany and Empiricism in The Mysteries of Udolpho
Pages: 155–168
The ‘Contagion’ of ‘Ridiculous Superstition’
Representations of Lower-Class Voices in Ann Radcliffe’s Novels
Pages: 184–198
Gothic Noir
Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me and the Crooked Game of Post-World War II America
Pages: 199–213
From Villa Diodati to Villa Gabrielli
A Manuscript Appendix to Fantasmagoriana
Pages: 214–226
Gothic Medicine
Murderous Midwives and Homicidal Obstetricians
Pages: 227–243
Corridor Gothic
Pages: 295–310
Chaos, Order, and Liminality
The Urban Gothic of Fin-de-Siècle London and Gotham City
Pages: 311–325
Blooming Marvel
The Garlic Flower in Bram Stoker’s Hermeneutic Garden
Pages: 326–345
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