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1 Summer in Winter with the Vi-Tan Ultra- violet Home Unit, c. 1936, colour pamphlet, by the Thermal Syndicate
2 Hanovia, Get Back in the Sun with a ‘Homesun’, pamphlet, 1940, p. 7
3 Hanovia, Get Back in the Sun with a ‘Homesun’, pamphlet, 1940, cover
4 Hanovia, Get Back in the Sun with a ‘Homesun’, pamphlet, 1940, p. 1
5 Hanovia, Get Back in the Sun with a ‘Homesun’, pamphlet, 1940, p. 14
6 Jacomo Müller, Alt. 1450m, Leysin, Switzerland: Treatment for Tuberculosis in All Its Forms, c. 1930
7 Advertisement for Wigglesworth, ‘Golden Tan sun screen cream’, c. 1930s
8 Beatrice Langdon, The Finsen Light Treatment at the London Hospital, c. 1938


1.1 ‘Seeking health in the rays of the sun’ 2
1.2 ‘Little patients in the gardens of the country branch of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Brockley Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex’ 3
1.3 ‘A corner of the ultra-violet ray clinic at Bethnal Green, showing children undergoing treatment. The patients come from large families, living in one room’ 4
1.4 Advertisement for ‘Sunlight’ apparatus, Ajax Ltd (London). 5
1.5 Before and after photographs of a child’s legs with rickets, treated with heliotherapy for two years 11
1.6 Before and after photographs of a patient suffering from multiple tuberculous lesions, treated by heliotherapy and balneotherapy 13
1.7 Rudolph Tegner, Mod lyset (Towards the Light), 1904–9 18
1.8 ‘Out on the terrace’, Treloar Hospital, undated 32
1.9 ‘A glimpse of Hayling’, Treloar Hospital’s seaside branch on Hayling Island, undated 32
1.10 ‘In the hay’, Treloar Hospital, undated 36
2.1 ‘Finsen’s forearm, the day after its exposure for 20 minutes … by irradiation from a carbon arc [light]’ 51
2.2 ‘Photograph showing erythema produced by graduated exposure of forearms to ultra-violet rays.’ 53
2.3 ‘Exposure of arm to mercury vapour lamp for ten minutes’ 54
2.4 Before and after photographs of a patient suffering from lupus vulgaris 55
2.5 ‘Copies of original illustrations published by Finsen. Above are indicated the pieces of various media which he glued to his forearm. Below are the results of solar radiation illustrated. Much detail has been lost in reproduction’ 57
2.6 ‘The treatment by the electric light’, at the [Royal] London Hospital, c. 1900 58
2.7 Photograph of patient with compressor 58
2.8 ‘The Light Department, London Hospital, showing patients being treated with Finsen lamps for lupus’ 60
2.9 [Ernest Harnack], ‘Finsen’s apparatus for concentrating the sun’s rays’, courtyard of the [Royal] London Hospital, c. 1900 60
2.10 ‘Our diagram of insolation. Progression according to which the sick [patient] is exposed to the sun’ 62
2.11 ‘To illustrate method of testing the sensitivity of a patient to ultraviolet radiation’ 70
2.12 ‘Sensitometric test of Dr Saidman’ (illustration of device) 71
2.13 ‘Sensitometric test of Saidman’ (before and after photographs) 72
2.14 ‘Erythema chart (for first exposure)’ 73
2.15 Phototherapy room with fenced ambulatory at fixed distance, Grange Road Clinic, Bermondsey, 1937 75
2.16 ‘Irradiation with Jesionek quartz mercury vapour lamp at a general hospital’ 76
3.1 Edith Tudor-Hart, Ultraviolet Light Treatment, South London Hospital for Women and Children, c. 1934 91
3.2 Edith Tudor-Hart, Treatment by Ultraviolet Rays, c. 1934 92
3.3 ‘Children receiving sunlight treatment in a London hospital’ 93
3.4 ‘Ray Therapy’ [Institute for Ray Therapy, Camden], undated (c. 1930s) 94
3.5 ‘Spectrogram showing part of the visible and ultra-violet regions’ 102
3.6 ‘Marine searchlight, with blue glass screen’ 106
3.7 Carbon arc lamps 108
3.8 ‘Ajax “Sunlight” portable apparatus in use’ 112
3.9 ‘Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples’ Hospital and College: solarium at Alton’, undated postcard 113
3.10 A child patient receiving phototherapy by a tungsten arc lamp at Treloar Hospital, undated photograph 114
3.11 ‘A tungsten arc [lamp] at work at the Hull Corporation Clinic’ 115
3.12 [Underwood Commercial Studios Ltd], Light Department, Guy’s Hospital, undated photograph 116
3.13 ‘Ultra violet (sun lamp) therapy’, undated 117
3.14 ‘Little convalescents in battle dress. Walk amongst the flowers (Rollier)’ 119
3.15 ‘Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples’ Hospital and College: the Light Department at Alton’, undated (mid-1920s) postcard 122
3.16 ‘Electro-therapy: X-ray treatment rooms – mercury lamp on right’, St Thomas’ Hospital, undated photograph 123
3.17 ‘Sun Ray room’, White Oak (Swanley), June 1930 124
4.1 The Thermal Syndicate ‘Vi-tan’ mercury vapour lamp, mid-1930s 138
4.2 The Thermal Syndicate ‘Vi-tan’ goggles, mid-1930s 139
4.3 ‘Mercury vapour lamp’, photomontage 141
4.4 Wilhelm Röntgen, X-ray graph of his wife’s hand, 1895 143
4.5 Henri Becquerel, ‘Original radiography of a medallion, made with uranium, 1903’ 144
4.6 Advertisement for the Hanovia ‘Alpine Sun Lamp’ 147
4.7 Pamphlet cover for the Perihel ‘Twin-Ray’ (infrared and ultraviolet) lamp, c. late 1940s–1950s 148
4.8 Ancient Egyptian relief of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children under the life- giving sun, Tell el-Amarna, relief carving, c. 1375 bce 149
4.9 After J. M. Price, ‘Marie and Pierre Curie, he holding aloft a glowing specimen of radium’, 1904 150
4.10 Advertisement for the ‘Vi-tan’ mercury vapour lamp 151
4.11 Hanovia ‘Homesun’ mercury vapour lamp, c. 1940 152
4.12 László Moholy-Nagy, Design Project, 1935 156
4.13 El Lissitzky (Lazar Markovich Lissitzky), Kurt Schwitters, 1924–25 157
4.14 Position of pulmonary tubercular patient having an insolation session 162
4.15 ‘Healing Ray’ (Institute of Ray Therapy, Camden), 1930 166
4.16 Advertisement for the Bredt ‘Hegrosan high frequency violet ray machine’ 168
4.17 Leonard Portal Mark, a patient’s left hand affected with chronic dermatitis, the result of exposure to the Röntgen rays, 1908 170
4.18 Meyer-Betz, ‘Oedema produced by exposure to light after sensitisation with haematoporphyrin’ 174
5.1 Advertisement for the Hanovia ‘Homesun’ lamp 193
5.2 Lewis Baumer, ‘Don’t worry, Darling, you’ll look quite respectable in a day or two’ 194
5.3 ‘This is little Chromium, Auntie; but don’t disturb him, he’s having his hour’s recreation’ 201
5.4 ‘Well, Aunt Emily, and what do you think of our little Ultra Violet Ray?’ 202
5.5 ‘Applicators for the Kromayer (mercury vapour) lamps’ 203
5.6 ‘Patient with anterior gingivitis receiving a dose of mixed radiation from an Ajax arc lamp’ 204
5.7 [Decaux or Rossier], before and after photographs of a tuberculous child 206
5.8 Modified lamps and applicators for vaginal irradiation 209
5.9 George Edmondson Birkett, placement of radium tubes for the treatment of cervical cancer at the Fondation Curie 210
5.10 Robert Gibbings, Sun Bathing Review cover 214
5.11 ‘On a summer’s day – “somewhere in England”’ 215
5.12 Edith Tudor-Hart, untitled photograph of a nude sunbathing child 216
5.13 Edith Tudor-Hart, Morning Sun 217
5.14 Bertram Park and/or Yvonne Gregory, Siesta 218
5.15 Twenty-year-old female tuberculous patient 219
5.16 Twenty-four-year-old female patient with spondylitis dorsalis 220
5.17 ‘Some of Sir Henry Gauvain’s little patients at Alton, Hants.’ 223
6.1 Nicolai Howalt, Light break #1, 2013 255
6.2 Nivea and Cancer Research UK campaign poster, 2013 256
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Soaking up the rays

Light therapy and visual culture in Britain, c. 1890–1940


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