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Primary sources

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Co-operative News

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Dublin Diocesan Archive

Archbishop William Walsh Papers

Galway Diocesan Archive

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Hansard Debates

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House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

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Irish Military Archives

Bessie Cahill Witness Statement, 1143

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Kerry Local History Archive, Kerry County Library, Tralee

Dr John O’Connell Legal Papers

Listowel Rural District Council Minute Book

Lexis Library

McEllistrim v Ballymacelligott Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Limited [1918–19] All E R Rep Ext 1294’, in Lexis Library,

Limerick Diocesan Archive

BI/ET/K, Bishop Edward O’Dwyer Papers

National Archives of Ireland

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National Library of Ireland

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Horace Plunkett Papers, Correspondence.

Horace Plunkett Papers, Diaries.

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IAOS, Annual Reports.

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The National Land Bank: Its Constitution and its Aims (c. 1921).

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Evening Independent [St Petersburg, Florida]

Freeman's Journal

IAC Bulletin

Irish Economist

Irish Homestead

Irish Times

Kerry Sentinel

The Kerryman

Manchester Guardian

New York Times

The Observer

Skibbereen Eagle

Sligo Independent

Southern Star

The Times

Weekly Irish Times

Workers’ Republic

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

D4131/M/11A, Josslyn Gore-Booth Papers, Drumcliffe Co-operative Dairy Society and Related Papers.

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Published primary material

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