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Section 3: Abbreviations

This section consists of lists of abbreviations (or short names) of political parties and other important organisations which play (or have played in the recent past) a significant political role, together with the names of those organisations.

General abbreviations

AMSAdditional Member System
APOExtra-parliamentary opposition in Germany/Ausserparlamentarische Opposition
AVAlternative Vote System
FPTPFirst-past-the-post (system of election)
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
GDRGerman Democratic Republic
GGBasic Law (Germany)/Grundgesetz
MdBMember of the Bundestag (Germany)/Mitglied des Bundestages
MPMember of Parliament
MSPMember of the Scottish Parliament
PRProportional Representation
STVSingle Transferable Vote
USAUnited States of America
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics

Political parties

ADR/CADJAction Committee for Democracy and Justice (Luxembourg)/Aktiounskomitee fir Demokratie a Gerechtegkeet; Comité d’Action pour la Démocratie et la Justice
AGALEV Ecology Party – ‘Live Differently’ (Belgium: Flemish-speaking)/Anders Gaan Leven
AN National Alliance (Italy)/Alleanza Nazionale
B ’90/Die Grünen Alliance ’90–The Greens (known as ‘the Greens’) (Germany)/Bündnis ’90/Die Grünen
BNP British National Party
BSP Belgian Socialist Party (Flemish-speaking)/Belgische Socialistische Partij
CCentre Party (Sweden)/Centerpartiet
CADJ(Luxembourg) see: ADR/CADJ
CCD Christian Democratic Centre (Italy)/Centro Cristiano Democratico
CD Centre Democratic Party (Denmark)/Centrum-Demokraterne
CDA Christian Democratic Party (Netherlands)/Christen Demokratisch Appel
CDS Democratic and Social Centre (Spain)/Centro Democratico y Social
CDU Christian Democratic Union (Germany)/Christlich Demokratische Union
CDU United Christian Democrats (Italy)/Cristiani Democratici Uniti
CDU United Democratic Coalition (Portugal)/Coligação Democrático Unitária
CDV–PDC Christian Democratic People’s Party (Switzerland)/Christlichdemokratische Volkspartie–Parti Démocrate-Chrétien
CiU Convergence and Union (Catalan party, Spain)/Convergencia y Unio
CP Centre Party (Sweden)/Centerpartiet
CSU Christian Social Union (Germany)/Christlich Soziale Union
CSV–PCS Christian Social People’s Party (Luxembourg)/Chrëschtlech–Sozial Vollekspartei-Parti Chrétien Social
CU United Communists (Italy)/Communisti Unitari
CVP Christian Democratic People’s Party (Switzerland)/Christlich-demokratische Volkspartei
CVP Christian People’s Party (Belgium: Flemish-speaking)/Christelijke Volkspartij
D ’66 Democrats ’66 (Netherlands)/Democraten ’66
DC Christian Democratic Party (Italy)/Democrazia Cristiana
DF Danish People’s Party/Dansk Folkeparti
DF Freedom Movement (Austria)/Die Freiheitlichen
DIKKIDemocratic Social Movement (Greece)/Dimokratiko Kinoniko Kinema
DL Democratic Left (Ireland)
DL Liberal Democrats (France)/Démocratie Libérale
DNA Norwegian Labour Party/Det Norske Arbeiderparti
DP/PD Democratic Party (Luxembourg)/Demokratesch Partei-Parti Démocratique
DS Left Democrats (Italy)/Democratici di Sinistra
DUP Democratic Unionist Party (N. Ireland)
DVU German People’s Union/Deutsche Volksunion
EAJ/PNV Basque Nationalist Party (Spain)/Eusko Alderdi Jeltzalea-Partido Nacionalista Vasco
ECOLO Ecologist Party (Belgium: French-speaking)/Écologistes confédérés pour l’organisation de luttes originales
EE Basque Left/Eusko Equerra
EH ‘We Basques’ (Spain)/Euskal Herritarrok
ELRG Red–Green Unity List (Denmark)/Einheidslisten-de Roed-Groenne
FalangeThe radical right-wing party of Franco and his military regime (Spain 1939–75)
FDF Democratic Front of French-speakers (Belgium)/Front Démocratique des Francophones
FDP Free Democratic Party (Germany)/Freie Demokratische Partei
FDP/PRD Radical Democratic Party (Switzerland)/Freisinnige-Demokratische Partei-Parti Radical-Democratique
FI Conservative Party (Italy)/Forza Italia (‘Come on, Italy!’)
Fianna FáilRepublican party (‘Soldiers of destiny’) (Ireland)
Fine Gael Centre-right party (‘United Ireland’) (Ireland)
FN National Front (Belgium)/Front National
FN National Front (France)/Front National
FP Progress Party (Denmark)/Fremkridtspartiet
FPL People’s Party – the Liberals (Sweden)/Folkpartiet Liberalerna
FPÖ Austrian Freedom Party/Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs
FRP Progress Party (Norway)/Fremskrittpartiet
GA The Greens – Green Alternative (Austria)/Die Grünen–Die Grüne Alternativen
GL Green Left (Netherlands)/Groen Links
GPEW Green Party of England and Wales
GPVReformed Political Association (Netherlands)/Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond
Green FederationGreen Party (Italy)/Federazione dei Verdi
GreensFrench Green Party/Les Verts
GreensLuxembourg Green Party/Déi Gréng–Les Verts
H Conservative Party (Norway)/Høyre
HB United Basque People’s Party (Spain)/Herri Batasuna
IU United Left (Spain)/Izquierda Unida
KdS Christian Democratic Community Party (Sweden)/Kristdemokratiska Samhällspartiet
KESKCentre Party (Finland)/Suomen Keskusta
KFP Conservative People’s Party (Denmark)/Konservative Folkeparti
KKNational Coalition (Finland)/Kansallinen Kokoomus
KKE Communist Party of Greece/Kommounistiko Komma Ellados
KPD Communist Party of Germany/Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands
KRF Christian People’s Party (Norway)/Kristelig Folkeparti
KRFPChristian People’s Party (Denmark)/Kristelig Folkeparti
KVP Catholic People’s Party (Netherlands)/Katholieke Volkspartij
LIFLiberal Forum (Austria)/Liberales Forum
LKPLiberal People’s Party (Finland)/Liberaalinen Kansanpuolue
LN-IFNorthern League (Italy)/La Lega Nord
LSAP–POSLLuxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party/Lëtzebuerger Sozialistesch Arbechterpartei–Parti Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois
Miljöpartietde GrönaEcology Green Party (Sweden)
MNRNational Republican Movement (France)/Mouvement National Républicain
MpD–La ReteNetwork Movement for Democracy (Italy)/Movimento per la Democrazia La Rete
MpU Olive Tree Movement (Italy)/Movimento per l’Ulivo
MRG Left Radical Movement (France) (now PRG)/Mouvement Radical de Gauche
MSI Italian Social Movement/Movimento Sociale Italiano
MSP Moderate Unity Party (Sweden)/Moderate Samlingspartiet
ND New Democracy (Greece)/Nea Demokratia
ND New Democrats (Sweden)/Ny Demokrati
NPD National Democratic Party of Germany/Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands
NUDFNew Union for French Democracy (France)/Nouvelle Union pour la Démocratie Française
ÖVP Austrian People’s Party/Österreische Volkspartei
PASOK Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement (Greece)/Panellinion Sosialistikon Kinima
PCF Communist Party of France/Parti Communiste Français
PCI Communist Party of Italy/Partito Comunista Italiano PCS (Luxembourg) see: CSV–PCS
PD Progressive Democrats (Ireland)
PD (Luxembourg) see: DP/PD
PDC (Switzerland) see: CDV–PDC
PdCIParty of Italian Communists/Partito dei Comunisti Italiani
PDS Democratic Party of the Left (Italy)/Partito Democratico della Sinistra
PDS Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany)/Partei der Demokratischen Sozialismus
PEV Ecologist Party – The Greens (Portugal)/Partido Ecologista Os Verdes
PL Right-wing alliance (Italy)/Polo della Libertà
Plaid CymruWelsh National Party (‘Party of Wales’)
PLI Liberal Party (Italy)/Partito Liberale Italiano
PNV Basque Nationalist Party (Spain)/Partido Nacionalista Vasco
POSL(Luxembourg) see: LSAP–POSL
PP Popular Party (Portugal)/Partido Popular
PP Popular Party (Spain)/Partido Popular
PPI Popular Party of Italy/Partito Popolare Italiano
PRRadical Party (Italy)/Partito Radicale
PR Republican Party (France)/Parti Républicain
PRC Communist Refoundation Party (Italy)/Partito della Rifindazione Comunista
PRG Left Radical Party (France)/Parti Radical de Gauche
PRI Italian Republican Party/Partito Repubblicano Italiano
PRL Liberal Reform Party (Belgium: French-speaking)/Parti Réformateur Libéral
PRORule-of-Law Campaign party (Germany)/Partei Rechtsstaatlicher Offensive (the ‘Schill party’)
PS Segni Pact (Italy)/Patto Segni
PS Socialist Party (Belgium: French-speaking)/Parti Socialiste
PS Socialist Party (France)/Parti Socialiste
PS Socialist Party (Portugal)/Partido Socialista
PSCSocial Christian Party (Belgium: French-speaking)/Parti Social Chrétien
PSD Social Democratic Party (Portugal)/Partido Social Democratico
PSI Socialist Party of Italy/Partito Socialista Italiano
PSOESpanish Socialist Workers’ Party/Partido Socialista Obrero Español
PvdALabour Party (Netherlands)/Partij van de Arbeid
PVV Party of Liberty and Progress (Belgium: Flemish-speaking)/Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang
RC Communist Refoundation (Italy)/Rifondazione Comunista
Die RepublikanerThe Republican Party (Germany)
RPF Reformational Political Federation (Netherlands)/Reformatorische Politieke Federatie
RPF-IERally for France and the Independence of Europe/Rassemblement pour la France et l’Independence de l’Europe
RPR Rally for the Republic (France)/Rassemblement pour la République
RV Radical Liberals (Denmark)/Radikale Venstre
SAS Swedish Social Democratic Workers Party/Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti
SD Social Democratic Party (Denmark)/Socialdemokratiet
SDI Italian Democratic Socialists/Socialisti Democratici Italiani
SDLPSocial Democratic and Labour Party (N. Ireland)
SDP Social Democratic Party (Finland)/Soumen Sosialidemokraatinnen Puolue
SDP Social Democratic Party (UK)
SDS Socialist German Students Association/Sozialistische Deutsche Studentenbund
SF Irish Republican party/Sinn Féin (‘Ourselves alone’)
SF Socialist People’s Party (Denmark)/Socialistisk Folkeparti
SFP Swedish People’s Party (Finland)/Svenska Folkpartiet
SGP Reformed Political Party (Netherlands)/Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
SKL Finnish Christian Union/Suomen Kristillinen Liitto
SNP Scottish National Party
SPCentre Party (Norway)/Senterpartiet
SP Socialist Party (Belgium: Flemish-speaking)/Socialistische Partij
SP Socialist Party (Ireland)
SP/PSSocial Democratic Party (Switzerland)/Sozialdemokratische Partei-Parti Socialiste
SPD Social Democratic Party (Germany)/Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands
SPÖAustrian Social Democratic Party/ Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs
SRP Socialist Reich Party (Germany)/Sozialistische Reichspartei
SSDPFinnish Social Democratic Party/Suomen Sosiaalidemokraattinen Puolue
Statt partyThe ‘Instead’ Party (Germany)
SV Socialist Left Party (Norway)/Sosialistisk Venstreparti
SVP South Tyrolean People’s Party (Italy)/Südtiroler Volkspartei
SVP Swiss People’s Party/Schweizerische Volkspartei/Parti Suisse de l’Union Démocratique du Centre
SynaspismosCoalition of the Left and Progress (Greece)/Synaspismos tis Aristeras kai tis Proodou
UDF Union for French Democracy/Union pour la Démocratie Française
UDR Democratic Union for the Republic (Italy)/Unione Democratica per la Repubblica
UKIPUnited Kingdom Independence Party
UUP Ulster Unionist Party (N. Ireland)
VLiberal Party (Denmark)/Venstre
VAS Left Alliance (Finland)/Vasemmistoliitto
VBFlemish Bloc (Belgium)/Vlaams Blok
VL Green Union (Finland)/Vihreä Liitto
VLD Flemish Liberals and Democrats – Citizens’ Party (Belgium)/Vlaamse Liberalen en Demokraten – Partij van de Burger
VP Left Party (Sweden)/Vänsterpartiet
VU People’s Union (Belgium: Flemish-speaking)/Volksunie
VVDPeople’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (Netherlands)/Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie

European and cross-national organisations

ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific (states)
CFSP Common Foreign and Security Policy
COREPER Committee of Permanent Representatives
CSCE Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
EC European Community
ECB European Central Bank
ECJ European Court of Justice
ECOFIN Economic and Finance Council (of Ministers)
ECSC European Coal and Steel Community
ECU European Currency Unit
EDC European Defence Community
EEA European Economic Area
EEC European Economic Community
EFTA European Free Trade Area
EM European Monetary System
EMI European Monetary Institute
EMU Economic and Monetary Union
EP European Parliament
ERM Exchange Rate Mechanism
ESCB European System of Central Banks
EU European Union
EUA European Unit of Account
EURATOM European Atomic Energy Community
ESCB European System of Central Banks
G-7 Group of Seven
G-8 Group of Eight
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
IGCIntergovernmental Conference
JHA Justice and Home Affairs (pillar of the EU)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
OEEC Organisation for European Economic Co-operation
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OSCE Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
QMV Qualified Majority Voting
SEA Single European Act
TEUTreaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty)
UN(see UNO)
UNO United Nations Organisation
WEU Western European Union
WTO World Trade Organisation


ACLI Christian Association of Italian Workers/Associazione Cristiana Lavoratori Italiani
BDA Federation of German Employers’ Associations/Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Arbeitgeberverbände
BDI Federation of German Industry/Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
BR Red Brigades (Italy)/Brigate Rossi
CBI Confederation of British Industry
CFD French Democratic Confederation of Labour/Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail
CFTC French Confederation of Christian Workers/Confédération Française des Travailleurs Chrétiens
CGC General Confederation of Managers (France)/Confédération Générale des Cadres
CGT General Confederation of Labour (France)/Confédération Générale du Travail
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CNPF National Council of French Employers/Conseil National du Patronat Française
DGB German Trade Union Confederation/Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
ENA National College of Administration (France)/École Nationale d’Administration
ETA Basque Nation and Liberty/Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Basque terrorist organisation)
FLN National Liberation Front (Algeria)/Front de Libération Nationale
FO General Confederation of Workers (France)/Confédération Générale du Travail – Force Ouvrière
IRA Irish Republican Army
NFU National Farmers’ Union (UK)
OAS Secret Army Organisation (France)/Organisation de l’Armée Secrête
RAF Red Army Faction
TUC Trades Union Congress (UK)
UGT General Workers’ Union (Spain)/Unión General de Trabajadores
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