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general editor John M. MacKenzie

Established in the belief that imperialism as a cultural phenomenon had as significant an effect on the dominant as on the subordinate societies, Studies in Imperialism seeks to develop the new socio-cultural approach which has emerged through cross-disciplinary work on popular culture, media studies, art history, the study of education and religion, sports history and children’s literature. The cultural emphasis embraces studies of migration and race, while the older political and constitutional, economic and military concerns are never far away. It incorporates comparative work on European and American empire-building, with the chronological focus primarily, though not exclusively, on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when these cultural exchanges were most powerfully at work.

West Indian intellectuals in Britain


Cultural identities and the aesthetics of Britishness
ed. Dana Arnold

Britain in China Community, culture and colonialism, 1900–1949
Robert Bickers

New frontiers Imperialism’s new communities in East Asia 1842–1952
eds Robert Bickers and Christian Henriot

Western medicine as contested knowledge
eds Andrew Cunningham and Bridie Andrews

The Arctic in the British imagination 1818–1914
Robert G. David

Imperial cities Landscape, display and identity
eds Felix Driver and David Gilbert

Science and society in Southern Africa
ed. Saul Dubow

Equal subjects, unequal rights Indigenous peoples in British settler colonies, 1830s–1910
Julie Evans, Patricia Grimshaw, David Phillips and Shurlee Swain

Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Marjory Harper

Empire and sexuality The British experience
Ronald Hyam

Reporting the Raj The Britsh press in India, c. 1880–1922
Chandrika Kaul

Law, history, colonialism The reach of empire
eds Diane Kirkby and Catherine Coleborne

The South African War reappraised
ed. Donal Lowry

The empire of nature Hunting, conservation and British imperialism
John M. MacKenzie

Imperialism and popular culture
ed. John M. MacKenzie

Propaganda and empire The manipulation of British public opinion, 1880–1960
John M. MacKenzie

Gender and imperialism
ed. Clare Midgley

Guardians of empire The armed forces of the colonial powers, c. 1700–1964
eds David Omissi and David Killingray

Female imperialism and national identity Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire
Katie Pickles

Married to the empire Gender, politics and imperialism in India, 1883–1947
Mary A. Procida

Imperial persuaders Images of Africa and Asia in British advertising
Anandi Ramamurthy

Imperialism and music Britain 1876–1953
Jeffrey Richards

Colonial frontiers Indigenous–European encounters in settler societies
ed. Lynette Russell

Jute and empire The Calcutta jute wallahs and the landscapes of empire
Gordon T. Stewart

The imperial game Cricket, culture and society
eds Brian Stoddart and Keith A. P. Sandiford

British culture and the end of empire
ed. Stuart Ward

West Indian intellectuals in Britain

edited by Bill Schwarz

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