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Posters, protests, and prescriptions


Series editors: David Cantor, Anne Hanley and Elaine Leong

Social Histories of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness and medicine, from prehistory to the present, in every part of the world. The series covers the circumstances that promote health or illness, the ways in which people experience and explain such conditions, and what, practically, they do about them. Practitioners of all approaches to health and healing come within its scope, as do their ideas, beliefs, and practices, and the social, economic and cultural contexts in which they operate. Methodologically, the series welcomes relevant studies in social, economic, cultural, and intellectual history, as well as approaches derived from other disciplines in the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities. The series is a collaboration between Manchester University Press and the Society for the Social History of Medicine.

Previously published

Migrant architects of the NHS Julian M. Simpson

Mediterranean quarantines, 1750–1914 Edited by John Chircop and Francisco Javier Martínez

Sickness, medical welfare and the English poor, 1750–1834 Steven King

Medical societies and scientific culture in nineteenth-century Belgium Joris Vandendriessche

Vaccinating Britain Gareth Millward

Madness on trial James E. Moran

Early Modern Ireland and the world of medicine Edited by John Cunningham

Feeling the strain Jill Kirby

Rhinoplasty and the nose in early modern British medicine and culture Emily Cock

Communicating the history of medicine Edited by Solveig Jülich and Sven Widmalm

Progress and pathology Edited by Melissa Dickson, Emilie Taylor-Brown and Sally Shuttleworth

Balancing the self Edited by Mark Jackson and Martin D. Moore

Global health and the new world order Edited by Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Claire Beaudevin, Christoph Gradmann, Anne M. Lovell and Laurent Pordié

Accounting for health: Calculation, paperwork and medicine, 1500–2000 Edited by Axel C. Hüntelmann and Oliver Falk

Women’s medicine Caroline Rusterholz

Germs and governance: The past, present and future of hospital infection, prevention and control Edited by Anne Marie Rafferty, Marguerite Dupree and Fay Bound Alberti

Leprosy and identity in the Middle Ages: From England to the Mediterranean Edited by Elma Brenner and François-Olivier Touati

Patient voices in Britain, 1840–1948 Edited by Anne Hanley and Jessica Meyer

Medical histories of Belgium: New narratives on health, care and citizenship in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Edited by Joris Vandendriessche and Benoît Majerus

Posters, protests, and prescriptions

Cultural histories of the National Health Service in Britain

Edited by

Jennifer Crane and Jane Hand


Published by Manchester University Press

Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL

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First published 2022

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Posters, protests, and prescriptions

Cultural histories of the National Health Service in Britain

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