November 30, 2017

TEST News Item

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November 24, 2017

Chris wrote this

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November 23, 2017



November 23, 2017


 Dreamfields is the tip of a very chilling iceberg: Diane Reay

November 14, 2017

New editors of the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library announced

The John Rylands Library and Manchester University Press are delighted to announce the new editors of the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library: Stephen Mossman, University of Manchester Cordelia Warr,...READ MORE

November 6, 2017

Non-Executive Director Vacancy at Manchester University Press

Manchester University Press is recruiting two non-executive directors who have broad understanding of developments in academic publishing and knowledge dissemination. We are looking for people who...READ MORE

October 16, 2017

Excerpt from Heidi Safia Mirza’s foreword

Christy Kulz’s important and timely book is about the inner workings of the academy school system. In what she so aptly calls Factories for Learning she reveals exactly how, in both overt and...READ MORE