Manchester International Relations is an unrivalled collection of 65 books written by leading names in the field covering key issues and debates on global issues such as foreign policy, gender, global ethics, environmental politics and terrorism.


Manchester International Relations aims to explore and analyse the critical approaches to the study of global issues - from authority; citizenship; foreign policy, gender, war and peace to global ethics; human rights; media; environmental politics and international law.

This online resource will help scholars understand contemporary international relations and the forces that are reshaping global politics in the 21st century by examining international political systems, international political theory, and developments in contemporary global politics throughout Europe, the USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Key features & benefits

A comprehensive coverage of the practices of international relations including critical insights on pressing global issues such as foreign policy, gender, global ethics, environmental politics, terrorism and human rights
Contains works from key figures in the field, including John Hume, Nobel Laureate in Peace and Honorary Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Ulster

Authors include

Richard Jackson - University of Aberystwyth
Torbjorn Knutsen - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Raymond Hinnesbusch - University of St Andrews

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