Banner image with rainbow colours in background. Three book covers for ‘Red Closet’, ‘Queer beyond London’ and ‘As good as a marriage’ are in a line horizontally from the left and ‘LGBT+ History Month’ is written in white bold text to the right.

LGBT+ History Month welcomes everyone, regardless of your professional background—be it in education, museums, libraries, art galleries, businesses, services, or as a member of a network, social group, or an individual.

Observed annually every February throughout the UK, this significant month was established in 2004 by Schools OUT UK co-chairs, Paul Patrick, and Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders. The inaugural celebration took place in February 2005.

Manchester University Press is proud to celebrate our queer history titles across our trade and academic list with this bespoke reading list.


  link to 'Queer beyond London' link to 'Red Closet' link to 'As good as a marriage' link to 'Female Fortune' link to 'Gay men and the Left in post-war Britain' link to 'Odd men out' link to 'Queer cinema in contemporary France' link to 'The history of marriage equality in Ireland' link to 'Luminous presence' link to 'De-centring queer theory' link to 'Dirty books'