Manchester Shakespeare includes 81 books covering a wealth of historical, social and cultural critiques of Shakespeare's works, plus the works of his contemporaries such as Spenser, Kyd, Marlowe and Lyly. It also includes books from the highly respected Manchester Spenser series.


Not of an age, but for all time... the collection provides new and significant commentary on all aspects of Shakespeare’s work, drawing on not only the written word, but Shakespeare in performance, in historical and cultural contexts, and in relation to critical theory.

Key features & benefits

Provides critical understanding of Shakespeare's contribution to literary and theatrical history, and the place his works occupy in today's cultural landscape
Includes access to The Manchester Spenser, the premier series on the life and work of Edmund Spenser
Includes books edited and authored by leading authorities on Shakespeare including:
- David M. Bergeron, University of Kansas
- Steve Sohmer, Lincoln College, University of Oxford
- Stephen Orgel, Stanford University
Provides fresh perspectives on Shakespeare's plays and invites readers to re-think what lies behind the references in some of those plays
Explores and engages with critical literature across an interdisciplinary spectrum of Shakespeare studies
Includes Shakespeare's Storms by Gwilym Jones, winner of the 2016 Shakespeare's Globe Book Award

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