Manchester Medieval Sources Online

Providing easy access to digital history sources, Manchester Medieval Sources Online brings essential texts from the Manchester Medieval Sources series to students and academics all over the world.

From the terror of the Black Death to the drama of the Norman invasion, Manchester Medieval Sources Online brings alive the reality of life in the medieval world through these first hand accounts, many translated into English for the first time. The series is also unique in providing extensive introductory and explanatory material which will enable a beginner in the area to understand the variety of interpretations the sources have had, and any linguistic problems that have been controversial.

Key features & benefits

  • Includes over 36 international respected books

  • Edited and authored by leading figures in the field, guaranteeing quality and robustness of the content

  • Updated annually with new, high quality content, allowing readers access to the latest research in medieval studies

  • Offers a single, easy-to-navigate database for studying medieval history, bringing together a wide range of topics in one easy to use resource

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