Manchester Security, Conflict & Peace

Manchester Security, Conflict & Peace is an unrivalled collection of 58 books written by leading names in the field covering key issues and debates on international, regional and national security, domestic and international terrorism as well as conflict management and resolution and practices of peacebuilding.

Manchester Security, Conflict & Peace aims to explore and analyse the structural mechanisms of conflicts, national security and domestic and international terrorism as well as key theories and concepts related to the study of peacebuilding.

This collection spans a range of disciplines including national and international law, human security, social and foreign policy, intelligence and national security policymaking, cybersecurity, counter-terrorism and peace studies.

Key features & benefits

  • Includes 58 internationally respected books

  • A comprehensive coverage of the practices of peacebuilding, international and national security and conflict management and resolution, edited and authored by key figures in the field

  • Easy-to-use teaching resource

  • Updated annually with new, quality content

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