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Abstract only
An introduction
Michael Breen, Michael Courtney, Iain Mcmenamin, Eoin O’Malley, and Kevin Rafter

extent to which the norms of critical impartiality have survived. Second, we assess whether the media has shifted towards hypercritical infotainment. Third, we investigate the extent to which content has been influenced by exogenous factors, that is, political, social, and economic factors outside the media itself. An introduction 3 The media systems literature stresses the continuity of norms and institutions dating from the birth of the mass media, arguing that Western media systems reflect three categories: liberal, corporatist, and polarised pluralist. The

in Resilient reporting
Abstract only
Ilan Danjoux

peace talks descended into full-scale violence. An outline of cartoon research was also necessary to distinguish it from other media analyses’ traditional use of political communications to study elite opinion. Cartoon analysis is the study of a non-elite communication. It is premised on the idea that audiences inadvertently shape the media they consume by rewarding producers who create content that

in Political cartoons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Abstract only
Barry Reay

indicated by the book’s title reflects its two principal themes: it deals with archival form and archival content, the archives of the histories of sex and the sexual histories contained in those archives. It is an experiment in writing an American sexual history that refuses the confines of identity sexuality studies, spanning the spectrum of queer, trans, and the allegedly ‘normal’; and it includes masturbation, perhaps the queerest sex of all. What unites this project is a fascination with sex at the margins, sex that refuses the classificatory frameworks of

in Sex in the archives
Abstract only
Beatriz Pichel

. By using photographs, historians literally make some things visible. Yet this is sometimes done in an acritical way. Even after the visual culture and the material culture turns, photographs too often serve as illustrations without really intervening in the making of the argument. This book provides historical arguments against using photographs as illustrations. When photographs are an afterthought and images simply help to represent general points, readers will only see the content of the images. However, this book has demonstrated that photographic visibility is

in Picturing the Western Front
Abstract only
Culture, value, Shakespeare
Kate McLuskie and Kate Rumbold

between the small scale, face-to-face experience of culture as a set of relationships and the larger discursive syntheses that grapple with attempts to frame cultural contests over value in contemporary discourses of politics and development. We then address the way that ‘culture’ is represented by cultural objects and content whose management and distribution have become a matter for political and

in Cultural value in twenty-first-century England
Critical overview and conclusion
Jago Morrison

author who was willing with Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease to paint a picture of his nation as an abortive colonial project terminally mired in corruption. As a young writer celebrated as a reclaimer of indigenous culture, in Arrow of God he presented readers with a thoroughly disquieting image of the Igbo, self-destructively locked in masculine competitiveness, falling too easily to colonialism and its missionary confederates. In the mid-1960s, established as the darling of a liberal middle-class readership, he was content with A Man of the People to show

in Chinua Achebe
Jean d’Aspremont and Alicia Köppen

turns to the content and possible adjustment to the international investment protection regime vindicated by AfSIL (Section 3). This short chapter ends with a few concluding remarks on the choice for an emancipatory mode of contestation rather than a reformist type thereof (Section 4). A preliminary caveat is necessary regarding the formal status of both the rules that are the

in African perspectives in international investment law
Paul Wake

has generated a good deal of critical comment and, given the novel’s complex narrative structure, there is a certain disingenuousness in Marlow’s remark that ‘The means don’t concern you except in so far as they belong to the story.’12 Responses to the novel that agree with Marlow about the primacy of story (content) over narration (form) tend to take an evaluative stance. Jocelyn Baines concludes that ‘there are only rare occasions when anything is gained from this cumbersome method of presentation’ whilst Karl complains that, ‘the vast scaffolding of method is

in Conrad’s Marlow
Open Access (free)
From content warning to censorship
Jack Halberstam

 51 3 TRIGGER HAPPY From content warning to censorship1 Jac k H al be r sta m T rigger warnings have become standard fare on some college campuses over the past few years. But they have also been the occasion for intense debates about pedagogy, classroom conduct, the use of media in the classroom, and the nature of trauma. In general terms, a trigger warning is a cautionary note that may be added to syllabi or online sites to alert readers, students, or casual browsers about violent or sexually explicit images and text in the materials on a site, in a course

in The power of vulnerability
The news media and war from Vietnam to Iraq
Piers Robinson, Peter Goddard, Katy Parry, Craig Murray, and Philip M. Taylor

2 Mobilising for battle: The news media and war from Vietnam to Iraq This chapter examines the study of news media and war, moving on to review key works that have analysed, in a systematic fashion, the content and framing1 of wartime news media coverage. Beginning with Vietnam, these systematic studies include work on the 1982 Falklands conflict, the 1992 Gulf War, and three studies of the 2003 Iraq War. We pay close attention to the descriptive claims these studies make, to the explanations offered for the coverage that they observe, and to the strengths and

in Pockets of resistance