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Tony Kushner

language and their law-codes; the second, in Victorian times, witnessed that national search for the genius of English free institutions which discovered its origins in the law and polity of the early Teutonic peasantry. At both periods the links between national and local history were simultaneously racial and institutional. County history, with its origins in Tudor times, ‘was related to the perceived early racial divisions of the country: the British in Cornwall and Wales, with the shires south of the Tees under West-Saxon, Mercian or Danish

in Anglo-Jewry since 1066
Julie Thorpe

blatantly disregarding the official propaganda. TPA_003.indd 89 4/6/2011 2:27:26 PM 90 -    , 1933–38 By the middle of May, the newspaper’s hostile outbursts at the government resulted in four confiscations in swift succession. The edition on 5 May was confiscated following the publication of an article about the government’s ban on uniforms, which amounted to incitement according to Paragraph 300 of the penal law code. Five days later, the newspaper was confiscated a second time for a scathing article about the Austrian public service

in Pan-Germanism and the Austrofascist state, 1933–38
The French experience, 1792-1815
Gavin Daly

French armies brought both bayonets and law codes into the conquered territories. Moreover, this reformist agenda was not simply about improving the efficiency and capacity of the Napoleonic state to extract financial, economic and military resources from subject territories and states. As Stuart Woolf has cogently argued, there was a genuine commitment on the part of the Napoleonic state to

in Violence and the state
Anna Boucher

encourages intergovernmentalism, which can lead to increased executive decision-making, and reduced opportunities for legislative engagement (Guiraudon 1997: 265–6; Simeon 1972; Smith 2005: 122–3). Despite these concerns, federalist structures also open opportunities for diversity-seeking engagement. Federalism most strongly played out in the temporary economic immigration case study (Chapter 7) where diversity-seeking groups in Canada, faced with a hostile political environment at the national level, were able to seek important legislative reforms to labour law codes in

in Gender, migration and the global race for talent
Alani Hicks-Bartlett

–2. 28 On Isabeau and political intercession, see Verdon, Isabeau de Bavière , 107–25; Adams and Rechtschaffen, ‘Isabeau of Bavaria’, 119–23; Adams, Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France , 113–14. 29 Certainly, the thorny matter of succession that Charles VI’s illness intensified was also related to the reinvocation of Salic Law – that ‘otiose Frankish law code’ (Taylor, ‘Salic Law’, 360) – excluding women from royal succession following the death of Charles

in Literatures of the Hundred Years War
Esther Counsell

church courts with trained lay civilians, for the better employment of higher clergy towards pastoring and preaching. 43 With England's civil law code rivalling the sophistication of Justinian's Digest , only the most learned and qualified civilians would be employed to adjudicate ecclesiastical causes according to the King's statutes. 44 With this impressive pedigree Burghley would later seek Beale's advice on matters of papal jurisdiction in 1595, and afterwards

in Reformed identity and conformity in England, 1559–1714
Amrita Shodhan

to Cornwallis as the Indian Justinian, the emperor of the sixth-century Roman Empire who is known for commissioning the codes of law, and himself as the Indian Tribonian, the jurist who supervised the law code. Cohn explains how Roman imperial precedent was also cited by the early Indian judiciary as providing the models for governing India. To honour this self-image, partaking of the fascination of his age with all things imperial and Roman, Jones's supporters placed a statute of him in a toga in St Paul's Cathedral, with the Institutes of the Law of Manu under

in The breakup of India and Palestine
Abstract only
Deborah Youngs

their upbringing. The Alphonsine law code, the Siete partidas , observed that in Spain it had ‘always been customary for honourable men to send their sons to be brought up in the courts of kings so that they might learn to be courteous and educated, and free from villainy and all defects’. 31 England too had a long tradition of sending children into other noble or

in The life–cycle in Western Europe, c.1300-c.1500
An introduction
Zena Kamash

Revolution Day celebrations, for example, there were floats depicting the invention of writing, the Law Code of Hammurabi and the Ziggurat of Ur (Tugendaft, 2020 : 61). After the Ba’athist coup in 1963 and with the rise of the dictator Saddam Hussein, we see this appropriation of the past for political gain increase even further in scale and intensity. There are large numbers of images that depict

in Heritage and healing in Syria and Iraq
Abstract only
The British, the French and African monarchs
Robert Aldrich

‘pursuit and attainment’, combined elements of traditional animist thought, Islam and Protestant Christianity. Njoya commissioned a geographical survey of his realm and sponsored public works in the capital. He experimented with commercial farming of ostriches and new crops, and invented a machine to grind maize. He revised the Bamoun law code, reduced taxes, moderated sumptuary laws and simplified court

in Banished potentates