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Political dialogues between unequal partners
Susanne Gratius

lack a concrete agenda and a regular monitoring system. An extraordinary dense network of multilevel dialogue forums between the two parties contrasts with decreasing interdependences in terms of trade and other interdependences (migration flows, investment and development co-operation). Today the EU remains top trading partner for only Cuba and Brazil – all other countries have either China or the US as their top trade partner. In an inter-regional context characterised by declining trade relations and a closer partnership between Latin America

in Latin America–European Union relations in the twenty-first century
Mohammed Sharfi

-Turabi, the éminence grise of Islamists in Sudan, as a threat to regional stability. Sudan supports the UAE's position on its disputed islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb in the Strait of Hormuz. The UAE is one of the largest investors of the Sudanese economy. ‘The UAE has provided more than AED28 billion in investments and development financing in Sudan, while 17 UAE companies are operating in various economic sectors in Sudan.’  18 Economic decline

in The Gulf States and the Horn of Africa
Mark Maguire and Fiona Murphy

/6/12 12:45 Page 119 119 remarked to us, ‘Education means everything to African families. We have our own ethos for schools: it’s not by their colour that balloons fly, it’s by their contents!’ Notes 1 The first volume was initially launched in 2007. 2 The RAPID Programme (Revitalising Areas through Planning Investment and Development) was launched in 2002 with the aim of delivering priority investment to designated disadvantaged areas. The term disadvantaged as used herein may refer to designated disadvantaged areas or to ‘disadvantaged schools.’ The Department of

in Integration in Ireland
Post-2014 adjustment policies in the Arab Gulf and beyond
Martin Beck and Thomas Richter

Du (accessed 18 April 2020). Worland , J. ( 2020 ), ‘ Answers to six key questions about the oil price collapse ’, Time , 11 March. (accessed 16 March 2020). World Bank ( 2003 ), Trade, investment, and development in the Middle East and North Africa: Engaging with the world . Washington, DC : World Bank . World Bank ( 2019 ), ‘ Labor

in Oil and the political economy in the Middle East
Paul Sargent

to engage with the principles of communitarianism. Pobal was established by government as a limited company to manage Irish and EU funds, promoting a wide range of initiatives operating in marginalised communities, including: community graffiti reduction programmes; RAPID (revitalising communities by planning, investment and development); dormant accounts; grants for community and voluntary organisations; community services programme; community-­ based CCTV scheme and the local development social inclusion programme.16 Also, the Irish Youth Justice Service

in Wild Arabs and savages
An overview
Joe Larragy

Employment Service (LES); review of Social Economy and Basic Income (BI) ideas; measures on educational disadvantage Social spending envelope of €1.5 billion; tax and welfare reform for low paid; minimum wage from 2000; review group on indexing social welfare to earnings; Revitalising Areas through Planning, Investment and Development (RAPID) programme; Child Care strategy formulation; educational disadvantage package; No new money promised; support of NAPS target of € 150 p/w (2002 prices) by 2007; 10 special initiatives: Housing and Accommodation; Insurance; Migration

in Asymmetric engagement
Lennart J. Lundqvist

party ruled over the transformation of Sweden into a modern welfare state, folkhemmet (the ‘People’s Home’; see Tilton 1990:125 ff.): ‘Now, we have a similar mission. We will realise the vision of a green welfare state, and bring about 2579Ch3 12/8/03 11:47 AM Page 77 Up or down with the ecology cycle? 77 a thorough ecological modernisation of Sweden’ (SAP 1997; italics added). In its Finance Plan for 1997, the Social Democratic Cabinet stated that the transformation of Sweden into a ‘green people’s home’ means an increased demand for investments and

in Sweden and ecological governance
H. D. P. Envall

, undesirable (from Japan's perspective) multipolarity. Indeed, China's promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative from 2013 was viewed by Japan as a challenge to the established trade, investment, and development order. Its refusal to acknowledge the 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration against its territorial claims in the South China Sea was seen in Japan as a threat to international law. 89 To address what it saw as the emergence of a coercive

in National perspectives on a multipolar order
Of ‘savages’ and ‘terrorists’
Sean R. Roberts

was ‘expediated development’, especially in the Uyghur-majority south of the region (Wei and Cuifen 2010 ). As part of this increased development, the CCP implemented a novel public–private partnership model for this area that matched municipalities outside the region in China proper with specific parts of the XUAR for investment and development projects (Jia 2010 ). This programme raised the settler colonization of the region to a new level as it also brought an influx of Han-led companies with their capital and their Han workers. As Cliff suggests, the goals of

in The Xinjiang emergency
Robert W. Lewis

. These communities, however, never really grew in the manner that original planners had hoped. Situating the stadium at Sénart was intended as a concrete step that would help attract investment and development to that community, ‘rebalancing’ the eastern part of the greater Parisian metropolitan area to counter the growth elsewhere in the region.110 In language borrowed from the world of sport, the Sénart stadium was described as form of ‘doping’, a catalyst to the development of the region through state investment in infrastructure and transport, particularly through

in The stadium century