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Abstract only
Oversized male bodies in recent Spanish cinema
Santiago Fouz-Hernández

morbidly obese casino patron who watches his previous self in that illusory mirror: the television set (Figure  14). Another obese casino patron recognises Enrique from the television and takes a photograph with his smart phone as real proof for his wife that, as he keeps telling her, the pills are a rip-​off. Cut to a Weight Watchers-​style meeting, where the thin, attractive team leader Abel (Roberto Enríquez) welcomes his new group of customers as he walks around the room tilting body-​size mirrors towards each one of them and asks them to get undressed. The play with

in Performance and Spanish film
Family Portrait
Keith Beattie

spread over the pill’.20 The pill wasn’t entirely sugar-coated. One commentator describes as ‘labori­ ously educational’ the red dotted line intended as a guide for patrons to visit in strict order the Festival’s twenty-seven pavilions.21 An emphasis on the educational was also in evidence in the Festival’s rigorous concentration on the arts and sciences as elements of the general theme of the ‘Land and the People’.22 The Festival theme was translated into a physical presence within the Lion and Unicorn Pavilion, which, according to the official guide to the exhibition

in Humphrey Jennings
Abstract only
Memento Mori (1992)
Neil Sinyard

deploys a Hitchcockian counterpoint between sound and image. A small argument develops between Mrs Petti-grew and Charmian about whether the latter has remembered to take her pills that morning. Verbally the scene is about memory, but visually it is a struggle of wills, rendered in a little finger ballet as Clayton’s camera closes in on hands and pills, Pettigrew pushing the pills nearer, Charmian pushing them away; each move

in Jack Clayton
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The economy of unromantic solidarity
Nazima Kadir

, during a period in prison, he weaned himself off of his addiction on his own. In prison, he was given pills to assuage his withdrawal symptoms; since he kicked his addiction without the pills, he saved them and sold them to other prisoners. Another squatter, Darrel, described how once, squatters had found Morris half dead after several days of lying in his own vomit and filth. They took him to a hospital where he was revived. Morris was incredibly kind to me during the period in which he regularly spent time in

in The autonomous life?
David Geiringer

reasserted the Church’s prohibition of artificial means of contraception three months later, they decided to grapple with the method a little longer. In the end, they continued practising NFP for over twenty years, interspersed with sporadic periods of using the pill. She explained that she never felt completely comfortable with defying the Pope, but that it was primarily her husband’s ‘scruples’, which

in The Pope and the pill
Fur, hair and subversive female lycanthropy
Jazmina Cininas

period pain, only to have this explanation repeatedly superseded by a series of ‘true’ purposes for the pill. Almost halfway through the novel, Micah confesses: I’m a werewolf. There, I’ve said it. The heart of all my lies. Of the family’s lies. You guessed it already, didn’t you? What with the fur I was born in

in She-wolf
Caroline Rusterholz

. 72 They learnt how to insert a cap along with contraceptive jelly and practised on Helena Wright's pelvic body model. They bought caps and diaphragms and clandestinely brought them back to Paris. They also noticed that some birth control clinics prescribed the pill to their patients for a trial period. Aubény was shocked, as she recalled that when the pill arrived on the French market, she was unwilling to prescribe it, explaining that ‘it was not how medicine was taught to us during our study years. The duty of the doctor is to treat

in Women’s medicine
Abstract only
Karen Throsby

technology that has just started to enter marathon swimming from other sporting domains such as American football, as well as from the space programme (where it originates), the military and fire fighting: the ingestible thermometer pill. This is a body monitoring 93 Making it count 93 system that incorporates a crystal sensor that vibrates at a frequency relative to the body’s internal temperature. This generates a signal that can be detected by a data recorder passed close to the body. The pill passes through the digestive system over a period of twenty-four to

in Immersion
Open Access (free)
Melissa Dickson, Emilie Taylor-Brown, and Sally Shuttleworth

exhaustion in the latter decades of the nineteenth century. By the time they made their appearance in Shanghai in the early decades of the twentieth century, however, Dr Williams’ pills were widely derided in England and North America as an archetypal example of quackery, with commentators identifying the pills’ continued ubiquity as a sign of the public's refusal to recognise scientific progress. Like the ‘traditional’ medicines evoked by Mukharji in the previous chapter, patent medicines were now associated with notions of backwardness and regression, particularly when

in Progress and pathology
Abstract only
Bruce Woodcock

councillors, blue, by taking some of the Eupholon pills. Vincent realises that Solly had known of his complicity in their predicament all along and, moreover, that the revolutionaries ‘are fucking delighted’ that he sent the pills (158). But there is a catch: in order to get the pills and join the collective blueness, Vincent must get past the crack-shot guard he himself had posted outside the warehouse: he faces his own invention, in a test which has echoes of classical fables such as Theseus facing the Minotaur in the labyrinth. This explores the

in Peter Carey