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Heather Norris Nicholson

brimmed with uncertainties. Peacetime travel The worrying contraction of Lancashire’s textile export market, for example, and the need to understand changing customer demand and production methods abroad motivated John Hindley’s nine-month return trip to East Asia in 1927. 79 With fares paid by elder brothers already established in the family’s extensive textile operations around

in Amateur film
Douglas Morrey

history has become so interesting to so many, some commentators have suggested, it is because history itself is at or nearing its end. The hypothesis of the end of history has been most famously asserted in recent times by Francis Fukuyama who identifies a ‘liberal revolution’, beginning with the fall of fascist and military dictatorships in southern Europe, South America and East Asia in the 1970s, and continuing in the 1980s

in Jean-Luc Godard
Douglas Morrey

suggest the burning jungle, while Ferdinand, dressed as a sea captain, brays the only words of American English he appears to know: ‘Sure! Yeah! New York! Oh yes! Hollywood! Yes! Communist! Yes!’. Meanwhile, Marianne, with painted face and oriental costume, performs an approximation of East Asian vowel sounds, the escalating conflict signalled by the rising tone of voice of the two performers. Yet, with this overtly simplistic

in Jean-Luc Godard
Abstract only
Filming desire
Renate Günther

sequence, and accompanied by a woman’s voice, singing, laughing and speaking in her native language. Two other female voices then present fragments of the story with which readers of Le Vice-consul are already familiar: the beggarwoman from Savannakhet in Laos who was chased from her home by her own mother, when she fell pregnant at the age of 17. Since then she has walked for ten years across East Asia and has now reached her

in Marguerite Duras
Hyangjin Lee

North East Asia and the Sino-American rapprochement , in particular. Encouraged by these developments in the arena of international politics, the North and South Korean governments began to negotiate the possibility of recognising the existence of two Koreas. The initial phase of their discussion was not fruitful, yielding only nominal recognition of the status quo. Toward the late 1980s, however, both sides began to make

in Contemporary Korean cinema
Introduction to the new edition
Johnny Walker

factors ranging from shifts in national film policy to the boom in accessible prosumer technology and the rise of DVD and online streaming platforms. The new slasher boom of the mid-1990s and a spike in East Asian and European horror production led to a swelling in popularity for the genre in cinemas and on video. As far as theatrically released films are concerned, Scream (Wes Craven, 1996) showed that there was international demand for youth-oriented genre pictures, while The Blair Witch Project (Eduardo

in Hammer and beyond
Jonathan Rayner

with a young recruit, Bill, enjoying a leaving party with family and friends before departing for Vietnam. His thoughts rest squarely on sex with his girlfriend before his departure, and on guaranteeing that she will write while he is away. The realities of war, and especially the particularities of the conflict in South East Asia, remain distant as the platoon embark on a Qantas airliner and drink Fosters beer en route for Vietnam. The American influence behind their deployment is implied in airline trolleys emblazoned

in Contemporary Australian cinema