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Joris Vandendriessche

prevention of epidemics, and personal hygiene in numerous treatises, plans, studies and booklets intended for an equally diverse public of physicians, politicians and lay men.3 By the middle of the century, Burggraeve was indeed an established expert in the public health debate. The presentation of his new study at the Medical Society of Ghent was a means to consolidate this expert position within the medical community. Burggraeve’s social engagement reflected both new and old traditions of expertise in public health in the nineteenth century. On the one hand, his diverse

in Medical societies and scientific culture in nineteenth-century Belgium
The question of evidence
Christine Choo

, but they have been called as expert witnesses in claims that have reached the Federal Court of Australia. Historical evidence has become significant as applicants are required to show evidence of continued use and occupation of the land under claim. Historians and lawyers are not accustomed to working together, and there are many lessons to be learnt on both sides

in Law, history, colonialism
Kelly-Kate Pease

, their reports to the Human Right Council and to the General Assembly, as well as informal briefings, the special procedures experts can offer invaluable information for identifying both preventive and corrective measures to address situations of concern and enhance practical implementation strategies on the ground. Through their recommendations, the treaty bodies provide states with guidance for national implementation of their obligations. Their work, including general comments on various provisions of the treaties, is also used by courts and other judicial bodies

in Human rights and humanitarian diplomacy
Anna Killick

distant from generalised statements and national indicators. I don’t think [the experts] actually probably see things from the grassroots. They commentate on the City’s view and the City’s view is, nine times out of ten, not what somebody who is at the coalface, how they see it. They don’t see it like the price of milk going up or the price of bread or anything like that, they just see it as ‘oh yeah, the average wage in this country is £25,000’. Yes maybe, but in reality in [our city] it’s not. And I think they generalise too much. When Hill district

in Rigged
Joe Earle, Cahal Moran, and Zach Ward-Perkins

enormous influence. Academic economics, through its widely accepted claim that it explains how the economy works, now provides a logic that shapes how to think about and make decisions in vast areas of political and social life. As we outlined in Chapter  1, this state of affairs gives economic experts a unique authority. Economics is a complex, technical language and those who can speak it can engage with politics and policy in a way others cannot. Economic experts now have important positions in some of society’s most important institutions. But what makes someone an

in The econocracy
François Burgat

Several times, then, I really did feel the hostile breathing down my neck of the goons behind-the-scenes of one or other of the regimes in question. This was especially the case when I agreed to testify as an expert witness before foreign courts, in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, where I was called upon to defend Islamist refugees seeking asylum. There were other troubles of the same kind. These autocrats were sensitive to international public opinion. The stakes of these international legal cases were high enough that they

in Understanding Political Islam
Birgit Lang

4 Erich Wulffen and the case of the criminal Birgit Lang In 1927, the leading illustrated weekly Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung (BIZ) introduced its readers to the twenty-one most influential German criminologists of the day. Each was represented by a portrait photograph and a caption. The result was an iconography of experts in the burgeoning fields of studying, solving and writing about crime and criminals. Among the select group was Dr Erich Wulffen (1862–1936), Head of Department in the Saxon Ministry of Justice.1 The photo essay describes Wulffen as the

in A history of the case study
Open Access (free)
Ash dieback and plant biosecurity in Britain
Judith Tsouvalis

11 Monstrous materialities: ash dieback and plant biosecurity in Britain Judith Tsouvalis The aim of the edited volume Science and the politics of openness is to raise awareness of the double-sided controversial nature of initiatives aimed at improving relations between science, policymaking, politics and publics. Efforts have been made to strengthen public trust in expert knowledge. These include dialogues organised between scientists and concerned publics on contentious, ethically complex issues, inviting specific publics to help decide the trajectories of

in Science and the politics of openness
Abstract only
Ian Burney

to the arguments laid out in the chapters to come. However, the following observation might be of use as an indicator of the path ahead: poison, expert detection, and the imagination each intersect in suggestive ways with the concept of absence. Definitions of imagination (whether as a substantive – a faculty of the mind – or an action of this faculty) commonly specify its relationship to a world of absent things, the Oxford English Dictionary’s primary entry for ‘imagination’ characterizing it as ‘the action of imagining, or forming a mental concept of what is

in Poison, detection, and the Victorian imagination
Roslyn Kerr

cases, it is very difficult for an athlete or coach to determine the exact state of the actor-network inside the body. This problem is generally solved by enrolling sports scientists and medical professionals into the sporting arena. Indeed, experts in sports science and medicine are now assumed to make up a significant part of a competitive athlete’s actor-network. These experts have a range of technological tools at their disposal that are able to reveal the inner workings of the body and suggest solutions

in Sport and technology