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Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

uprising were familiar. Rwanda and Uganda denied any involvement, while UN and Human Rights Watch reports argued the opposite (Human Rights Watch 2012; Rwandan Foreign Affairs Ministry 2012; UN Group of Experts 2012a). The DRC Government entered into discussions with Angola to secure support in case of a full-on invasion by these governments (Radio Okapi 2009). Up to 650,000 people were displaced, war crimes were reported and Kabila called on the population to attend to the ‘obligation to resist the imposition of war [and] for everyone to participate in the defence of

in Everyday resistance, peacebuilding and state-making
P. Terrence Hopmann

operation in Grozny in 1995. Russia, as a country that still clings to its self-image as a great power, was of course reluctant to permit any presence by a multilateral organisation on its soil. Therefore, it was somewhat surprising when the Russian government permitted a small OSCE ‘assistance group’ to be established in the very vortex of the fighting. Under the able leadership of the second head of mission, Ambassador Tim Guldimann of Switzerland, the OSCE expanded its activity beyond monitoring human rights violations and war crimes and assumed a role as an active

in Limiting institutions?
Andrew Whiting

, as presented to them by the media, will surely cause serious casualties within the population. ( Debrix, 2001 , p. 164) In the manner that Debrix suggests here, the use of a technical language that could potentially detach the audience from the threat instead ‘realises it’ when mobilised alongside everyday security practices and references to war, crime and terrorism. It exacerbates the sense of uncertainty and seriousness rather than de-realising it. Moreover, this terminology gives those speakers (classified as experts), who already speak from a unique

in Constructing cybersecurity
Conditionality and unity
Robert Mason

approach differs markedly from that of the UK, which appears to rely on a robust legal defence of alleged Saudi war crimes in Yemen rather than a broader assessment of the UK government position. Abu Dhabi bought sixty-two French Mirage 2000-9 aircraft in 1986 for the UAE Air Force, but it's not clear how many are still in service – perhaps fifty-five, with fourteen used for training. 81 President Sarkozy visited the UAE in May 2009, with economic considerations a foremost interest, including an $11

in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
Peace-building in south-eastern Europe
Emil Kirchner
James Sperling

temporarily suspended because of the delayed surrender of General Gotovina, the last main remaining Croatian person indicted for war crimes (PIWC) to the ICTY. Macedonia submitted its application for membership on 22 March 2004 and is since December 2005 officially a candidate country. The issue of cooperation on alleged PIWC raises a wider question, which is how to ensure that conditions are not only

in EU security governance
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Evil terrorists, good Americans
Richard Jackson

UN to investigate American involvement in war crimes during that conflict, including the massacre of thousands of foreign fighters in the infamous ‘convoy of death’ incident. As early as March 2002, US officials openly admitted to using cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment on terrorist suspects held in Cuba – what they called ‘rigorous’ interrogation techniques. According to Amnesty

in Writing the war on terrorism
Alexander Spencer

highly negative and mirror many of the characterization found in the media narratives mentioned above. A game made about legal murderers … wouldn’t play it even if it’s free.308 The existence of this game is disgusting. I know, lets make a concentration camp simulator! Surely that will be better.309 A game about a company that killed countless number of innocent Iraqi people. Shocking this!310 Ah, yes! Give glory to men who are hired to kill for money.311 Blackwater – those guys need to be tried for war crimes.312 The reviews reflect the same narrative

in Romantic narratives in international politics
Insurgents’ use of terrorism at the initial stages of conflict
Susanne Martin
Leonard Weinberg

Djilas, “Review: Tito’s Last Secret: How Did He Keep the Yugoslavs Together?” Foreign Affairs, 74, no. 4 (1995). See, for instance, James Gow, The Serbian Project and Its Adversaries: A Strategy of War Crimes (Montreal, Canada: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2003), 163–4. We may distinguish between the ethnicity and the nationality or citizenship in the former Yugoslav republics. Serbs and Croats are ethnic groups identified largely on the basis of their religion. Serbs tend to be Orthodox; Croats tend to be Catholic. Serbian and Croatian are nationalities, or

in The role of terrorism in twenty-first-century warfare
Abstract only
transitions and challenges
Stanley R. Sloan

they were being pulled out. But such a withdrawal would also mean a victory for those seen by the United States as the aggressors, and such an outcome would have been a serious setback for US foreign policy. Trying to escape from its policy dilemma, the Clinton administration was impelled forward by the Bosnian Serb attack on the UN safe area of Srebrenica early in July 1995. The United Nations rejected the request from Dutch UNPROFOR troops for air strikes to deter the Serb attack. When it came, the Bosnian Serbs conducted a brutal campaign of blatant war crimes in

in Defense of the West (second edition)