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Fanny Lopez

nomad machine, territorialization, deterritorialization and reterritorialization ran throughout Mille plateaux , and more specifically the “Traité de nomadologie: la machine de guerre [“Treatise of nomadology: the war machine”].” 30 The authors formulated a “science of nomadism” that resonated with the projects mentioned above. Though no architect previously cited used the term ‘deterritorialization,’ it nonetheless has a stimulating evocative power for the analysis that concerns us here. This link is justified by the historical period itself: in the late 1960s

in Dreams of disconnection
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Ex machina
Katia Pizzi

machine’s companionship with us humans.20 Machines in socio-cybernetics (Wiener), philosophy of science (Canguilhem and Simondon) and cyber-feminism (Haraway) were influential at the turn between the twentieth and the twenty-first century. In the Noughties the machine is being revived in the light of emerging paradigms. Raunig’s ‘abstract machine’ is a formless entity emanating from Deleuze and Guattari’s war machine. Typified by diffusity, virtuosity and monstrosity, the abstract machine is built on dissonant power and ‘concatenations of singularities’. It inhabits

in Italian futurism and the machine
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James McDermott

. Though part of a wider initiative intended to maintain and replenish the enormously expanded establishment of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), the logic of their immediate role (almost certainly unintended by conscription’s architects) demanded that they should also accommodate the preoccupations of their local communities. The dichotomy ensured that few who had cause to evaluate their work were uncritical. Castigated either for being too sensitive to local concerns (by the War Office and GHQ), or for acting as the unfeeling servants of a voracious war-machine

in British Military Service Tribunals, 1916–1918
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Don Leggett

reconfiguration from organic object to machine. He believed that ‘[t]he ship in which he [the 1902 sailor] serves is a mere instrument, not easily made interesting’.26 The other side of this was that naval architects made the instruments of British power, deploying all their knowledge and skill to create floating war machines: The new ships we propose to build will be equipped in all respects in the most perfect manner which knowledge or scientific possibilities suggest. They will receive all those accessories of which we have heard a good deal lately. They will be provided

in Shaping the Royal Navy
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Philip Hammond

with the politicians making these ‘moral’ arguments, columnists in the Times and Mail sometimes sounded a note of caution and criticism. In the Mail , for example, Stephen Glover argued that ‘Age-old international law is being challenged’ and objected that the logic of ‘ethical’ intervention was an argument for perpetual war: ‘Britain would become a war machine, a martial state with a single end

in Framing post-Cold War conflicts
Daniel Szechi

holding on to western Ireland for a good while longer. The relative efficiency of the Williamite war machine, however, set the military balance against them. Godert de Ginkel, Baron von Ginkel, who now commanded the Williamite forces, was a stolid and orthodox soldier. St Ruhe and Sarsfield had genuine flair. Yet they proved unable to do more than delay Ginkel’s steady advance. 50 In desperation St Ruhe risked everything on a roll of the dice, and at the battle of Aughrim in July 1691 lost the game and was killed in action. Ginkel won a hard-fought victory, then

in The Jacobites (second edition)
Yemen as a theatre for the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Maria-Louise Clausen

/iiy185 . 58 United Nations Security Council (2020). Final report of the Panel of Experts on Yemen, 27 January 2020 (S/2020/70). 59 M. Knights, ‘The Houthi War Machine: From Guerrilla War to State Capture’, CTC Sentinel , 11:8 (2018), 15–23, (accessed 5 April 2022). 60 Y. Veilleux-Lepage, ‘Implications of the Sunk Cost Effect and Regional Proximity for Public

in Saudi Arabia and Iran
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Mobilisation, militarisation, and medicalisation in WWI Germany
Heather R. Perry

in this study is the organisation of these material bodies themselves. Therefore what this book has laboured to illustrate is how, through the intricate web of army, medicine, and society, the disabled body itself became regimented, rationalised, centralised – even industrialised – during the war in order to achieve the state’s belligerent goals. By turning soldiers into war materiel with cheap, interchangeable parts, German orthopaedists fundamentally became part of the war machine itself, enlisted not simply as healers of violence, but rather as wagers, or

in Recycling the disabled
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Simon Mabon

stripping of 7 Introduction 7 meaning from political life to the emergence of war machines. Such variety reveals the multifarious stresses and pressures on regimes seeking to maintain power amid an array of societal pressures. Chapter 8 locates the domestic repercussions of the Arab Uprisings and their aftermath within broader Middle Eastern geopolitical and normative environments. Central to all chapters is a focus upon the role of agency. The uprisings were triggered by the actions of a single individual whose act of resistance inspired the region-​wide contestation

in Houses built on sand
Andrew Frayn

, but a victim, a man things are done to; in his war world, heroism is simply not a relevant term’.67 Traditional heroism does not endure, but it remains relevant: Harry’s awareness of his failure to live up to military ideals causes his decline, and those ideals define heroism. The war changes heroism from daring bravery to stoical endurance: the need to remain stoical can no longer be relieved by catharsis, but repression must continue in the service of the war machine as individuality is eradicated. David Trotter links the slow decay of previous enchantments with

in Writing disenchantment