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Graham A. Loud

be returned to the condition of serfs, without any appeal. 19 XI About the rape of virgins If anyone presumes to rape holy virgins veiled by God, even for the purpose of marriage, he shall suffer capital punishment, or other penalty which royal censure shall decree. 20 XII 21 No Jew or pagan shall dare either to buy or sell Christian servants

in Roger II and the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
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Janet Hamilton
Bernard Hamilton
, and
Yuri Stoyanov

, revealing by the one the moonless darkness of the Jews, by the other foretelling the glory of the resurrection, and finally the deliverance of all the souls that were held in Hades (which took place when our Lord and God appeared to them) and the dissolution of Hades, so that it no longer holds the souls of those who fall asleep in the Lord. 12 28. The unequalled power of the holy cross performed all these

in Christian dualist heresies in the Byzantine world c. 650–c. 1450
Trevor Dean

Pisans being treated ‘worse than Jews’ (Sercambi): existing downward economic trends were reinforced by Florence, which exiled over a hundred families, suppressed competition from the Pisan wool guild and increased taxation. The Pisan contado was annexed to Florence, the Pisan fiscal system was appropriated, offices in the Pisan church and state were engrossed by Florentines. Florentine artisans were not

in The towns of Italy in the later Middle Ages
Anthony Musson
Edward Powell

that have brought us into this poverty and misery. Also, we will that all men know that we will neither rob nor steal, but with these faults amended, we shall go home, wherefore we exhort all the king’s true liege men to help us, for whosoever he is that wishes not that these faults were amended, he is falser than Jew or Saracen, and we shall with a good will fight him as we would

in Crime, Law and Society in the Later Middle Ages
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Michael Staunton

, we will fight hand-to-hand. If we join battle with the king, and we strike with the sword, he will strike back; if we inflict a wound, we ourselves will be unable to avoid wounds. Do your annual revenues mean so much to you that you wish to acquire them even through your brothers’ blood? Even the Jews spurned Judas’s silver, because they recognised it as blood money. 46 But perhaps you propose another

in The lives of Thomas Becket
John H. Arnold
Peter Biller

wickedness in the kingdom of France, greetings in the author and completer of the faith, Jesus Christ, to all those who will receive the present letters. Since – by the apostolic authority and also the royal power that I exercise in capturing heretics and perfidious Christians who have converted or reverted to the damnable rites of the Jews – I am sending Copin, a servant of the bailli of Caen, to capture a certain Jewess called Bonnefille, wife of Copin of Samois, 112 whom I am having detained at Caen for apostasy

in Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300
Simon MacLean

king he turned away to the town of Nazareth in Galilee, where he lived until the time of his baptism. 18 In the 12th year of his life Jesus went up to Jerusalem and there after three days his parents found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers. 19 In the year of the Lord’s incarnation 15 Archelaus was denounced by the Jews before Augustus

in History and politics in late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe
Samuel K. Cohn, Jr

little or no evidence of prior planning, assemblies, or election of leaders, flagellant movements, opposed by local governments and the church, 6 and the burning of Jews swept across large German-speaking areas, Spain, France, and the Low Countries. Rather than struggling for concrete goals or redressing specific political, economic, or social grievances, these social movements looked to forces

in Popular protest in late-medieval Europe
Graham A. Loud

matters to be neglected and delayed, he laboured in every conceivable way to convert Jews and Saracens to the faith of Christ, and endowed converts with many gifts and resources. He ordered the church of St Nicholas, Messina, to be built, in large part at his own expense, although it could not be completed in his lifetime. 46 He had a silver panel, made at his own expense, placed before the altar of St

in Roger II and the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
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Jonathan R. Lyon

of the twelfth century ; Vita sancti Eckenberti ; Elisabeth of Schönau: the complete works ; Helmold of Bosau, The chronicle of the Slavs ; The chronicle of Henry of Livonia ; and Eidelberg, ed. and trans., The Jews and the crusaders . 18 For more on this point, see below

in Noble Society