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Comic melodrama
Jennifer L. Jenkins

-aged paunch – the sign of all aging revolutionaries. 14 Menzel shares that dual métier with Konwicki and Costa-Gavras. 15 The MRG ( Mouvement des Radicaux de Gauche ) evolved from the Movement of the Radical Socialist Left ( Parti républicain, radical et radical-socialiste , MGRS), a longstanding social-liberal party that was a dominant presence in French politics for most of the twentieth century. The history of splintering and re-forming alliances and compulsive re-naming among the traditional Republican Left reads like a Monty Python skit, a condition

in The films of Costa-Gavras
Katharine Dommett

rhetorical techniques evident in the speeches of other politicians, Johnson’s injection of humour creates a distinctive, audibly appealing effect which attracts attention and provokes a response precisely because it defies convention. These devices are used to particular effect when advancing a partisan perspective as evident in his assertion that ‘there has been something bizarre about the lip-smacking savagery of the Lib Dems, with Vince Cable morphing into a mad axeman, a transformation as incongruous as the killer rabbit in Monty Python’ ( Johnson, 2009). This metaphor

in Conservative orators from Baldwin to Cameron
Laww, order, and administration
Carey Fleiner

, the real peace-keepers were the army. As the character Loretta says in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian , ‘They’re the only ones who could maintain order in a place like this, Reg’ (cf. Larsen, 2018 : 205–222). The Roman army was famous within and without the Empire for its discipline and training (e.g., Joseph., BJ 3.5.71–107; Veg., 1.1.9, 10, 19, 27; 2.23 and 25). The army was a critical aspect of Roman life from early doors, and the army would always be the biggest financial burden on the Empire. Coinage was designed and taxes

in A writer’s guide to Ancient Rome
Abstract only
The minor films
Andrew James Hartley

made the shift into colour and had become a genuinely mass medium. In Britain, which would generate the single most important Shakespeare series, the stuffy news and light entertainment programming which the BBC had first offered was undergoing a shift, introducing postmodern comedy like Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969–74). Homey crime shows like Dixon of Dock Green (1955–76) were gradually

in Julius Caesar
On the collaboration between surrealism and Positif
Michael Richardson

, publishing a book about him, Bonjour, Monsieur Lewis , in 1972. If Benayoun had a tendency to go overboard in his praise for Lewis (whom he physically resembled and considered a kind of alter-ego), he was a many faceted critic with an often sharp insight and deceptive subtlety. Benayoun was an early advocate of the genius of comedy, animation, and musicals, a champion not only of Lewis but also of W. C. Fields, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Monty Python, and Woody Allen. Author of a groundbreaking book on animation, he also wrote monographs on the Marx Brothers, Woody Allen

in Surrealism and film after 1945
Matt Cole

extension of VAT to children’s clothes, fuel and newspapers, the ending of universal child benefit and a pledge of support for the introduction of Trident nuclear missiles in the UK. According to Roy Douglas, ‘the Liberal MPs exploded in fury’, and, being quickly disowned, the statement was nicknamed the ‘Dead Parrot document’ after the unfortunate animal in the Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch. It was quickly replaced by another statement drawn up by three leading policy-makers from each of the parties, in time to secure overwhelming approval for merger at a Special

in Richard Wainwright, the Liberals and Liberal Democrats
Kieran Keohane and Carmen Kuhling

privileges of full citizenship to Plebeians. FOUNDATIONS OF EUROPE’S COLLECTIVE HOUSEHOLD 59 The fall of Rome and the sapping of the foundations of Europe’s collective household There is a memorable scene in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian (1979) in which a cell of the revolutionary People’s Front of Judea is justifying its subversive campaign against Rome. The Chair, Reg (John Cleese) is flanked by PFJ members Stan (Eric Idle) and Francis (Michael Palin). [Reg] They’ve taken everything we have, and not just from us, but from our fathers, and from our fathers

in The domestic, moral and political economies of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland
Sian Barber

major studio backing. Other films have far fewer options. In Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) the Python team had very little to spend on the film and instead of trying to hide their lack of budget drew attention to it using coconuts to represent clip-clopping horses and filming on location to reduce studio costs. Barber.indd 37 3/2/2015 4:14:31 PM 38 using film as a source Lighting Lighting a film is a technical skill which can help to set mood and tone, present characters in a particular way and determine the focus of a scene. You should consider whether

in Using film as a source
An introduction to the book
Sean Campbell and Colin Coulter

/09/2010 11:24 4 ‘Why pamper life’s complexities?’ do with popular music. Thus, a 2009 article on the British politician William Hague was entitled ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’, while a review of Monty Python star Michael Palin’s diary was called ‘This Charming Man’s Charmed Life’.14 Perhaps the most bizarre illustration of this trend appeared in a BBC natural history programme that follows the fortunes of various species struggling to emerge from the hardships of winter. The 2009 instalment of Springwatch entailed the engaging spectacle of presenter Chris Packham

in Why pamper life's complexities?
Susan Manning

form a kind of anti-masque or ‘internal commentary’, as the narrator puts it.55 Both thematically and formally, then, Ivanhoe is proleptic of its own parodies, from Crotchet Castle and Rebecca and Rowena to Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Coeur de Lion fights under the banner of ‘The Black Sluggard’; Athelstane the Saxon Pretender is a lazy, good-natured glutton. This inconvenient strain of levity was noted by the novel’s earliest reviewers: ‘Instead of the grave and somewhat dignified style in which it behooved the celebrator of ancient deeds of chivalry to describe

in Special relationships