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John H. Arnold
Peter Biller

therefore great rejoicing in that city. It happened that within the week after this happened I was passing through this place – the city was still praising and to the same degree fervent about the recent miracle. (ii) On the instruction of a prince , i.17 Some say that insofar as they abstain from pork they [ the followers of Mahomet ] Judaise; for Mahomet took certain things from the Jews and certain things from the Christians. In this matter, however – that they abstain from wine on account of the hot regions

in Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300
John H. Arnold
Peter Biller

and monks, these include a number of canons against the Jews, e.g. against their ‘usury’, against them having Christian servants, ordering that they wear an identifying badge, ordering them to remain inside during Holy Week, and prohibiting Christians from going to Jewish doctors ]. 32. ACTS OF THE PROVINCIAL CHAPTERS OF THE DOMINICAN ORDER These are taken from the ‘Acts’, the decisions taken at the meetings of Dominicans called ‘provincial chapters

in Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300
Janet L. Nelson

abandoned Christianity and converted to Judaism. First he entered into discussion about apostasy and his own perdition with some Jews whom he had brought with him to sell to the pagans. He was not afraid to make his cunning plans and having let these Jews be taken away and kept only one companion with him, a man rumoured to be his nephew, he renounced the Christian faith – we weep to say it – and professed

in The Annals of St-Bertin
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Anthony Musson
Edward Powell

, while the desecration of the body, regarded as distasteful, is compared to the treatment that could have been expected from Jews or Saracens. Note the alleged parody of the coroner’s inquest, in which charade Radford was indicted for suicide. The subsequent treatment of the body, its removal from the coffin and lack of proper burial, was probably part of an attempt to treat it in a manner appropriate to

in Crime, Law and Society in the Later Middle Ages
Andrew Brown
Graeme Small

that here. This story tells how the Philistines greatly persecuted the Jews, the people of God, and how Our Lord could no longer bear the misery of His people, and how He raised up a labourer named Gideon, whom He told through an angel to take up arms against the Philistines and raise as many of the Jews as he could, and how He gave him hope that he would be victorious in

in Court and civic society in the Burgundian Low Countries c.1420–1530
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Jennifer Ward

with our consent. Moreover we have granted to the same Margaret that she should have peace all the days of her life from the debts of the Jews which her father owed in his lifetime, and that she should have her dower according to the custom of our realm of England, but the castle of Norwich is to be kept in our hands as long as it pleases us. Wherefore we wish and firmly order that the said Margaret should have and hold all

in Women of the English Nobility and Gentry, 1066-1500
Simon Barton
Richard Fletcher

Burgos was held by an Aragonese knight named Sancho Arnaldi. Since he was unwilling to deliver the castle peacefully to the king, it was attacked by the Jews and Christians and he was wounded by an arrow, as a result of which he died. Consequently, the castle which he held was captured and delivered to the king. 31 When he heard this, the king of Aragon became angry and troubled

in The world of El Cid
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Rosemary Horrox

– Hem thoughte that Jewes rente hym noght ynough – And ech of hem at otheres synne lough. And right anon thanne comen tombesteres 41 Fetys and smale, and young frutesteres, Syngeres with harpes, baudes, wafereres, 42 Whiche been the verray develes officeres To kyndle and blowe the fyr of lecherye, That is annexed unto glotonye

in The Black Death
Janet Hamilton
Bernard Hamilton
, and
Yuri Stoyanov

and was succeeded by Cosmas II Atticus, who immediately released the monk Niphon from prison and allowed him to teach freely. The content of his teaching is not known in any detail, though he is said to have rejected the God of the Jews, which might be evidence that he shared a Bogomil view of the Old Testament, but which might mean nothing more than that he pointed out that the Jews did not believe in the Holy

in Christian dualist heresies in the Byzantine world c. 650–c. 1450
Diana Webb

, they left, not without many tears on the part of their kinsfolk, neighbours and friends, and, partly by sea, partly by land, and experiencing great toil and many dangers, they finally reached the desired harbour. When they beheld the most holy city of Jerusalem both wept abundantly out of a most tender sense of devotion, reflecting upon the obdurate cruelty of the treacherous Jews, who were so blinded that

in Saints and cities in medieval Italy