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Abstract only
The underlying push of symbolic violence in France
Saskia Huc-Hepher

sense of freedom that respondents’ migration both enacts and sustains (Dhoest, 2018 ). For them, London represents an escape route from the conformist mentalities of the originary field and, quite simply, the freedom to be different. I uncover unsettling feelings of sexual objectification within the French social space, recollected in a pre-#MeToo era. The morally tinged sartorial standards French women feel pressured to maintain are, I contend, the incarnation of gendered discrimination brought about by the dominant male gaze (Bourdieu, 1998 ). Conversely, London

in French London
Socialist nation, Orientalism, and Yugoslav legacy
Jasmina Tumbas

ability to find empowerment in her own body despite being the subject of unwanted advances. Brena has never commented publicly on these photos (to my knowledge), but we know since the #MeToo movement how prevalent experiences of harassment were and continue to be for women in any social context, particularly in the media industry. One important difference to the #MeToo cases here, however, is that these unwanted advances were in public and practically normalized, even if many people might have considered Minimaks's behavior to be in bad taste at the time. What's worse

in “I am Jugoslovenka!”
A pragmatist responds to epistemic and other kinds of frictions in the academy 
Susan Saegert

, the recent high profile of ‘white supremacists’, the emergence of movements challenging the ways men use power over women (cf. the ‘#MeToo’ movement), and counter-movements defending masculine prerogatives (cf. the ‘Incels’) demonstrate that the issues of racism and sexism are far from dead in the broader culture. The sense that we as students felt in 1969 that racism and sexism were in inevitable decline is long gone. The concept of gender has become more fluid in popular and academic discourse while that of race seems to have hardened. Both race and gender remain

in The power of pragmatism
Orian Brook, Dave O’Brien, and Mark Taylor

(despite being the majority in some junior roles in specific cultural occupations), and to account for women’s experience in work and careers. 3 Many of the behaviours have entered public consciousness in the aftermath of sexual harassment scandals in media industries and the #MeToo movement. 4 However, many such behaviours are not of the same magnitude (and illegality) as sexual harassment. Time and again academic research demonstrates how women are given lower status than men, and the positions of director, producer, writer, and other senior roles are seen to be men

in Culture is bad for you
Jack Holland

#MeToo, there was Mad Men . And, while The Handmaid’s Tale is only two seasons old, it is already an award-winning and highly acclaimed series that has inspired protests across the US. It seems fitting that this most recent show of television’s second golden age is joined by one of the very first of the era, The Sopranos , in helping to define Trump’s America. Conclusion This chapter has painted a perhaps controversial picture of television’s place on the discursive battlefield of world politics, arguing that it is particularly well equipped to fight and to

in Fictional television and American Politics
Abstract only
French-made today v. yesterday
Andy Smith

any electoral list remain dominated by men. More pervasively, as a succession of #MeToo scandals have revealed since 2017, and the content of French advertising confirms on a daily basis, deeply ingrained sexism continues to predominate in most social milieux. Higher secondary education is another wide issue area over which superficial commentary often considers that deep change has occurred, whereas actual modification of power relations and institutions for the moment remains slight. My finding here may seem curious given that a governmental commitment was made

in Made in France
Violence, coercion and authority
Mark Haugaard

damaged. The # MeToo campaign is essentially a campaign to delegitimize the authority of persons in public life who have abused their authority. When many women state that they have been inappropriately propositioned as part of an abuse of authority, they are essentially undermining the ring of reference that constitutes that authority. In the case of film stars this authority is informal social power authority. In the case of more formal political authority there are usually procedures for the removal of such individuals. Even where this is not so, as in the

in The four dimensions of power
Republicanism,exclusion, and the name of king in Nathaniel Lee’s Lucius Junius Brutus
Lisanna Calvi

kin. In order to achieve his purposes, he is ready to lie and to feign mercy only to withdraw it the very next moment: Titus.  … O all the extremity Of cruel rigor, to behold me too, To sit unmoved and see me whipped to death? Where are your bowels now? Is this a father? Ah, sir, why should you make my heart suspect That all your late compassion was dissembled? (IV.541–​46) 322 323 ‘The Name of King will light upon a Tarquin’ In spite of Titus’s pathetic plea, Brutus –​‘father of the country’, as the subtitle of the play styles him, but not a father to his sons

in From Republic to Restoration
Mikael Klintman

be more interested in immediate, sensational risks – even if small – than in a grey, eventless status quo or gradual improvements that perhaps better characterises much of life in today’s world. When something negative is reported more actively in traditional and social media, we instinctively get the impression that things have got worse in that problem domain. The increased reporting about sexual harassment, triggered by the #MeToo movement, is easy to misunderstand as a reflection of a dramatic increase in sexual harassment in the

in Knowledge resistance
Abstract only
Porn Stars
Jenny Valentish

you, but I guess maybe you might want your boyfriend to do that if that’s what you’re into. It just flies in the face of the era that we’re in right now. We’re in this culture of hashtags like #MeToo and #TimesUp, and yet the second-highest traffic material is women being abused by men.’ He argues that no matter what women are searching for, most pornographic content is still geared towards men. ‘I know I’m an incredibly cynical person, but the end result is a man on an iPad, balling up a tissue and throwing it into the trash, no matter how you want to

in Everything harder than everyone else