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At war in Vietnam
Alice Garner and Diane Kirkby

’s intersections with the world of foreign policy. On the one hand, he continued to believe in the potential of the program to build 119 At war in Vietnam 119 understanding across national borders; on the other, he realised it had to be protected more actively from political manipulation, not least by his own government’s secret service.44 Senator Fulbright’s interventions in the public debates over Vietnam, especially from early 1966, added a powerful voice to the growing protest movements. Though his name was no longer officially attached to the Australian program, he was

in Academic ambassadors, Pacific allies
Arthur B. Gunlicks

:55 am Page 226 The Länder and German federalism Parliamentary control of finances is limited, as in most other parliamentary bodies, by the large proportion of expenditures that are fixed by law and not subject to political manipulation. In practice joint task expenditures made under Article 91a and 91b or Article 104a, para. 4, of the Basic Law are also not subject to revision by the Land parliamentary majorities because of their reluctance to refuse federal matching funds or reject actions of their own government. On the other hand, the deputies do receive

in The Länder and German federalism
Paul K. Jones

tradition of autocthinous [ sic ] and aggressive imperialist nationalism in America. Thus, American patterns of non-political manipulation – and especially certain marginal phenomena – had to be fused artificially with fascist notions of the Italian and German brand. One has to think of the barker who puts such high pressure behind advertising that it approaches violence. Much has also been borrowed from fanatic religious revivalism – promoting an ecstasy which is relished as such and unrelated to any concrete content, while rigid, dogmatic stereotypes, as e.g. the

in Critical theory and demagogic populism
A cinematic saga
François Dubuisson

London : Duke University Press , 2005 ) 150–72 . 17 Shohat, Israeli Cinema , 215ff. 18 See: Geremy Forman, ‘Military Rule, Political Manipulation, and Jewish Settlement: Israeli Mechanisms for Controlling Nazareth in the 1950s’ (2006) Journal of Israeli History 335ff. 19 See Haaretz, ‘“We Look at Them Like Donkeys”: What Israel’s First Ruling Party Thought About Palestinian Citizens’, 13 January 2018. 20 See Chronicle of a Disappearance (Elia Suleiman, Palestine/Israel, 1996); Yom Yom (Amos Gitaï, Israel/France,1998); Jaffa (Keren Yedaya

in Cinematic perspectives on international law
Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie, and David Rossiter

is, of course, another matter, but there can be no doubt that FPTP is far more susceptible to political manipulation than any of the more proportional alternatives. 116 JOHNSTON 9781526139894 PRINT.indd 116 09/12/2020 10:32 How representative is our democracy? Figure 6.7  The same 49 wards and distribution of support for the two parties as in Figure 6.3, but with the boundaries of the seven constituencies drawn to favour party B The geography of disproportionality In international comparisons, UK general election outcomes are among the most disproportional

in Representative democracy?
DSI approaches and behaviours
Jenny H. Peterson

aims of positive transformation insofar as they encourage political manipulation, create resistance to reforms and may push some actors further towards the informal and illicit sectors. Of the four potential impacts of ideology on transformation, it is this final hypothetical that requires the least reassessment. While there was a general acceptance of the alternative and historically grounded manner in which Kosovo organises itself and operates, there appeared a general consensus that this would, and should, change with time, and that given the right tools it would

in Building a peace economy?
Martin Thomas

, sadly, only to be expected in a colonial society in which ethnic discrimination, extreme poverty, rural hunger and political manipulation were endemic. By contrast, the extreme military repression that ensued in and around Constantine, with its presumptive targeting of adult civilian males as irretrievable enemies of the state, was born of the Algerian situation. It was the culmination of the asymmetry

in Rhetorics of empire
Naomi Head

political manipulation, Fishkin argues, ‘The fact that the practice might conceivably be so successful that it robs the subordinate group of any desire to voice its interests is only an indication of how dramatically our conditions are violated.’ 17 Evident in both Alexy’s pragmatic rules for discourse and Benhabib’s principle of egalitarian reciprocity is a concern for forms of

in Justifying violence
Clara Eroukhmanoff

consequently, not only can fear be challenged but it can disrupt the whole securitisation enterprise (van Rythoven 2015 ). What I find most problematic in this thesis is that emotions are tools of political manipulation – in other words, instruments to ‘use’ to gain desired outcomes, such as funding for surveillance operations (Robin 2004 ). In this view, emotions are considered as ontological tools that can be instrumentalised and ‘put into’ individuals to influence them to do things, to control them. The perception of emotions here is negative: they

in The securitisation of Islam
Anastasia Marinopoulou

authoritarian mechanisms and political manipulations largely coordinated by modern science. However, I raise two major objections to Foucault’s critique of structuralist practice and modern dialectics: (a) Practice exists within social structures, but the scientific or social subjects still need a theory. They need a certain theorizing, which safeguards that, in times of crises, practice is based on experience, but mostly has roots and is generated by their theoretical concerns and anxieties over what constitutes the rational. Lack of any form of normativity, which results

in Critical theory and epistemology