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P. J. McLoughlin

declaration is not made. If it’s not made then … you’re saying no progress can be made.’ At this point, Hume came to the third course of action which he saw as being open to the British government. This, for Hume, represented a third way between the first and second options – those preferred by uncompromising unionists and traditional nationalists respectively: ‘The third option open to the British government is to declare that its objective in Ireland is the bringing together of both Irish traditions in reconciliation and agreement.’ In this, Hume was reviving an idea

in John Hume and the revision of Irish nationalism
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Europe’s ‘zero hour’
Kjell M. Torbiörn

new situation also offered a unique opportunity for reconciliation and budding co-operation especially between Germany and France, whose rivalry had underlain both world wars. The Marshall Plan launched by the United States in 1948 kick-started economic recovery and co-operation in Western Europe, permitting democracy and a market economy to take hold. In Central and Eastern Europe, however, the Soviet political grip hardened and communist regimes posing as ‘people’s democracies’ were installed, emphasising state ownership of the means of production and central

in Destination Europe
Global ecoGothic and the world-ecology in Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo Cancelled
Sharae Deckard

’. The incestuous union of Sapna and Imran at the end of the tale parodies the artificial reconciliation of social contradictions in conventional Gothic narratives, traditionally achieved through marriage. But it could also be read as the subversive reunification of alienated spheres: the melding of the clones, the cleavage of divided classes and genders, the re-conscionization of nature–society relations

in Ecogothic
Legal history and the recognition of Aboriginal customary law
Mark D. Walters

incorporate native and non-native legal and historical methodologies, a reconciliation that the courts are only just beginning to attempt. 2 It might be thought that the common law, informed by its imperial and colonial heritage, is incapable of adopting an appropriate cross-cultural outlook to perform this task. Setting its assumed content to the side, however, it is possible to

in Law, history, colonialism
Marco Barducci

governmental attempts at reconciliation with Presbyterians and royalists, Ascham displayed the Erastian and anti-clerical stances of many Independents when he traced a sharp dividing line between the prerogative of divines and civil authorities. PEACE IN STATE AND CHURCH: OBEDIENCE AND TOLERANCE To Ascham’s mind, the meanings of Grotius’s De Jure and the arguments put forward

in Order and conflict
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The anti-colonial roots of American anarchist debates during the First World War
Kenyon Zimmer

our fate from that of the rest of the population’. The signatories argued that we do not forget that we are internationalists, that we want the union of peoples and the disappearance of borders. But it is because we want the reconciliation of peoples, including the German people, that we think that they must resist an aggressor who represents the destruction of all our hopes of liberation.68 In the United States, no English-language translation of the document appeared, and the only major anarchist publication to reprint it in any language was the Fraye Arbeter

in Anarchism, 1914–18
Samuel Zaoui’s Saint Denis bout du monde
Mireille Le Breton

the missing pieces of her family memory: le puzzle de la mémoire (the puzzle of memory). Finally, this chapter asks how the contemporary French novel rewrites memories of immigration in France to focus on new possibilities for reconciliation, as the genre itself may become a ‘place of memory,’ or what Pierre Nora calls a lieu de mémoire (1984: 1004). Samuel Zaoui was born in 1967 in Paris, to a Sephardic Jewish father and a Kabylian mother. His first novel, Saint Denis bout du monde was published in 2008, shortly followed by a detective novel, Omnivore, in 2009. In

in Reimagining North African Immigration
Commonalities and divisions
Anastasia Chartomatsidi

Conference looks forward to the establishment of a strong democratic system which will bring peace, happiness and reconciliation to our generous and heroic Greek Allies. (Labour Party, 1944: 143–5) While Greenwood continued to explain the seriousness of the situation in Greece, he reminded the audience of the sacrifices made by the Greek people and appealed for support for the resolution. The following speakers also highlighted the necessity for the Labour movement to act in support of the Greek people (Labour Party, 1944: 143–5). Ernest Bevin, the minister of labour and

in Labour united and divided from the 1830s to the present
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Jenny Benham

, these agreements also offer insight into the more general principles and practices of making peace. Diplomacy and negotiations for peace in this period frequently involved reconciliations following rebellion. As rebels often recruited the assistance of neighbouring rulers it is often difficult to treat these as wholly domestic events. For instance, the 1173–74 rebellion against

in Peacemaking in the Middle Ages
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John F. Kennedy’s China policy, 1961–63
Michael Lumbers

accommodation with the PRC, a lofty aim that was derailed only by subsequent fighting in Korea.11 More recently, scholars with access to Chinese documents have convincingly debunked the notion of a “lost chance” for an early reconciliation between Washington and Beijing. Acutely suspicious of American intentions toward the PRC, intent on maintaining the internal momentum of the revolution, and in search of security ties with the Soviets, Mao and his comrades were not inclined to reciprocate any US overture.12 Yet it is also apparent that the Truman team’s interest in

in Piercing the bamboo curtain