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Jaewoo Choo

in the creation of the ‘Shanghai Five’ in 1996, a grouping that was subsequently enlarged with the addition of Uzbekistan in 1999 and formalised in 2001 with the creation of the SCO.5 The Shanghai process generated cooperation agreements in various issue areas, ranging from border disputes to economic cooperation to anti-terrorism measures. In this way, China established a firm diplomatic presence in the region. The September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC, 105 2504Chap6 7/4/03 12:40 pm Page 106 Security threats however, have had a lasting

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Romano Prodi

, and building on the Maastricht Treaty, was the European Security Strategy, unveiled on 12 December 2003, as ‘A secure Europe in a better world’. The thrust of this document was the Union’s role in countering: organised crime; state failure, as in Somalia and Afghanistan; regional conflicts, such as in the Great Lakes Region, and especially in the Middle East; weapons of mass destruction, where again the Middle East was identified; and terrorism. In addressing this key document, Prodi focused particularly on terrorism. That this should be the case was hardly

in Peacemaking in the twenty-first century
A dialogue with Islam as a pattern of conflict resolution and a security approach vis-à-vis Islamism
Bassam Tibi

. Political Islam and post-bipolar security in the Middle East As a recent development, the politicization of religion is not restricted to Islam, insofar as it can be observed in other religions as well, be it Hinduism or Judaism – among others. 3 When it comes to Islam one cannot escape witnessing the Bin Laden and, earlier, the Iran connection of terrorism. 4 In Algeria the

in Redefining security in the Middle East
The role(s) of the military in Southeast Asia
Alex J. Bellamy and Bryn Hughes

these tensions is that, throughout the Cold War, the focus of security in the region was drawn to state sovereignty and territory rather than human security concerns. The third principal threat that concerns the region’s security analysts comes from terrorism, radical Islam and secessionist movements. Virtually every state in the region, with the possible exception of Singapore

in Critical Security in the Asia-Pacific
John F. Kerry

the possibilities the future could hold, and we all admire him greatly for that. This January, I took a trip of my own where I saw first-hand the importance of applying this lesson of hope and perseverance to the challenges we face today.  I saw emerging democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq struggling to overcome terrorism and sectarian strife as they MUP_Hume_Peacemaking.indd 126 11/10/2013 15:25 Security in the twenty-first century 127 work to create a better future. I saw Israel’s democracy persevere despite the incapacitation of its leader. I saw high

in Peacemaking in the twenty-first century
Stephen Emerson and Hussein Solomon

peace and stability. The most prominent of these in Africa are: • Terrorism. While terrorism has been a persistent feature of domestic conflicts in Africa for some time, the new danger lies in the growing internationalization of the threat across the continent or what some, like Jakkie Cilliers, see as “a melding of domestic and international 8 African security in the twenty-first century terrorism” to reshape the face of African terrorism.17 Beginning in the early 1990s in Algeria and arriving in full force in 1998 with the bombing of the American embassies in

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Security politics and identity policy
Anthony Burke

2001, he also linked terrorism with asylum-seekers, citing the fact that one suspect in the London bombings had been an asylum-seeker and that hence government policy was working to secure the country because ‘Australia [has] a better handle on movements in and out, both lawfully and unlawfully, than Europe and North America have’ ( Ruddock, 2005 ). Later that week Prime Minister

in Critical Security in the Asia-Pacific
Joshua B. Spero

partners. By incorporating the experiences of the PfP into NATO planning, the alliance may be in a stronger position to adapt to current and future challenges.3 Almost six years of PfP cooperative planning and operations in Eurasia have laid part of the foundation to counter such non-traditional threats as terrorism, the proliferation of WMD, ethnic conflict, resource depletion and narcotics trafficking in Eurasia. The PfP provides the principal mechanism through which NATO cooperates with individual and regional groupings of 166 2504Chap9 7/4/03 12:41 pm Page 167

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turbulent transatlantic ties
Stanley R. Sloan

US policy toward ballistic missile defense and sell it to the allies, Russia, and China, as well as to reform and repair the US defense establishment. Another priority—the war against terrorism—displaced all others on September 11, 2001, when terrorists killed almost 3,000 Americans and citizens of more than 80 other countries. Bands of terrorists coordinated by al-Qaeda hijacked four civilian airliners, crashing two of them into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and one into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The fourth hijacked aircraft, perhaps

in Defense of the West (second edition)
What contribution to regional security?
Panagiota Manoli

settlement of all disputes by the means and in accordance with the principles set out in the CSCE documents’.7 The signatories committed themselves to resisting aggression, violence, terrorism and lawlessness in order to restore peace and justice while relying, as a basis of their common understanding, on the general principles of the UN Charter and Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. The BSEC defines security in a comprehensive way, referring not only to its military dimension, but also to political, economic and social factors. Consequently, in order to

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