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Digital Bodies, Data and Gifts
Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

, sweat, sperm and tears; and the capture of individual characteristics, including DNA, fingerprints, iris scans and voice and face recognition. Wearables are constituted through regulation and legalities: a plethora of ethical and legal norms and rules shape and constrain the development of wearables and their affordances. The main regulatory frames for wearables are data-protection and privacy laws, consumer regulation and human rights law, which govern research

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Brendan T. Lawson

Quantification of Human Needs ( London and New York : Routledge ). Harrell-Bond , B. ( 2002 ), ‘ Can Humanitarian Work with Refugees be Humane? ’, Human Rights Quarterly , 24 : 1 , 51 – 85 . Harrell-Bond , B

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Gender Equality and Culture in Humanitarian Action1
Ricardo Fal-Dutra Santos

and international humanitarian, refugee and human rights law. In such situations, humanitarians may have to uphold their own values and practices, even if in contradiction with local cultures ( Slim, 1998 ). This includes situations where humanitarianism’s growing commitment to gender equality may be at odds with local cultural norms. This may occur when a culture ‘only involves men in humanitarian decision-making’, ‘gives preference to male children in emergency food

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
José Luís Fiori

deregulation of markets and frontiers and its conceited attempts to universalise liberal democracy and human rights. And it will also pose an existential threat to liberal humanitarian institutions, which have depended on the financial and political capital of the US. Far from promoting a final and permanent peace, the new security strategy situates the US in an inter-state system in which war is possible at any time, in any location, with any rival, enemy or former ally. How might we explain this apparent shift in American strategy? A growing number

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Model for Historical Reflection in the Humanitarian Sector
Kevin O’Sullivan and Réiseal Ní Chéilleachair

Shattered State ( London : Zed Books ). Hilton , M. ( 2018 ), ‘ Oxfam and the Problem of NGO Aid Appraisal in the 1960s ’, Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development , 9 : 1 , 1 – 18 , doi: 10.1353/hum.2018.0000 . Korff , V. P

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Governing Precarity through Adaptive Design
Mark Duffield

( London : Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) ). HRE ( 2009 ), ‘ Darfur Is Dyin’ [computer game] (Human Rights Education, UN Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC), developed by Reebok Human Rights Foundation, International Crisis Croup, mtvU and students at University of Southern California) , (accessed 14 October 2013 ). Jacobsen , K. L. ( 2015 ), The Politics of

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
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Four Decisive Challenges Confronting Humanitarian Innovation
Gerard Finnigan and Otto Farkas

. Bibliography Aaronson , S. A. and Zimmerman , J. M. ( 2006 ), ‘ Fair Trade? How Oxfam Presented a Systematic Approach to Poverty, Development, Human Rights, and Trade’ , Human Rights Quarterly , 28 , 998 , doi: 10.1353/hrq.2006.0039 . ACFID ( 2016 ), Innovation for Impact: How

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Four Conversations with Canadian Communications Officers
Dominique Marshall

at IMPACT, a partnership formed in 1986 (as Partnership Africa Canada) devoted to the management of, in their own words, ‘natural resources in areas where security and human rights are at risk’. I discovered a remarkable convergence in their concerns, despite discrepancies in the size of their organizations, their sectors of activity, and the nature of their publics. This article presents their testimonies in the following order: how they learned their skills in humanitarian communications, how and why they adapted them to digital technologies, the distribution

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
The Politics of ‘Proximity’ and Performing Humanitarianism in Eastern DRC
Myfanwy James

, O. and Fox , R. C. ( 2008 ), ‘“Nationals” and “Expatriates”: Challenges of Fulfilling “Sans Frontières” (“Without Borders”) Ideals in International Humanitarian Action’ , Health and Human Rights , 10 : 1 , 109 – 22 . Stoler , A. L. ( 1995 ), Race and the Education of Desire: Foucault’s History of Sexuality and the Colonial Order of Things ( Durham, NC : Duke University Press ). Stoler , A. L. ( 2016 ), Duress: Imperial Durabilities in Our Times ( Durham, NC : Duke University Press ). Verweijen , J. ( 2016 ), Stable Instability: Political

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A Focus on Community Engagement
Frédéric Le Marcis, Luisa Enria, Sharon Abramowitz, Almudena-Mari Saez, and Sylvain Landry B. Faye

. ( 2016 ), ‘ Biosocial Approaches to the 2013–2016 Ebola Pandemic ’, Health and Human Rights Journal , 18 : 1 , 115 – 28 , PMID: 27781004 . Saez , A. M. , Borchert , M. ( 2014 ) ‘ Burial in Times of Ebola - Dos and Don’ts – issues of acceptability

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs