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Graham A. Loud

Here begins the preface Alexander, unworthy Abbot of the monastery of Telese, greets all those believing in Christ. I think that it is not unsuitable if things once done are recorded in writing for posterity. For it is acknowledged that there is much in them that it is desirable either to imitate or to avoid. Even acts of war, although they are recognised not to be good

in Roger II and the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
Jonathan R. Lyon
Lisa Wolverton

to his rule by a warlike fate. 7 Finally, old age and frequent battles weakened Wolf. He had earned so much goodwill from the common people, on account of his good fortune, that they thought prosperity could not follow them, either in war or in any other danger, except with him present (even doing nothing). Accordingly, they believed that, with him present, they were always about to attain victory

in Noble Society
Craig Taylor

to her that she would raise the siege positioned around Orléans. She said moreover that the voice had told her that she, Joan, should go to find Robert de Baudricourt in the town of Vaucouleurs, of which he was captain, and that he would provide her with men to travel with her. 11 Joan then replied that she was a poor girl who did not know how to ride on horseback or to lead in war. She also said

in Joan of Arc
Abstract only
Trevor Dean

which are good for the population of the cities of the world. It is also clear that before our war against Genoa a great quantity of woollen cloth and fustian was worked in Venice, but during the war it was given out that cloth from all places might be transported in … ships within and beyond the Gulf, which redounds to the greatest damage of this city. Those who used to generate business for the said

in The towns of Italy in the later Middle Ages
Graham A. Loud

oath from him. Although Duke William was much loved by his barons and men, he was however held to some extent in contempt by them for his kindness and patience. They instigated dispute between him and his liege man and paternal cousin, Count Roger of Sicily. When peace and concord had several times been negotiated between the duke and count, they once again stirred up war and discord between them. And since the said duke

in Roger II and the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily
Diana Webb

a narrative of the political crisis in which Treviso became embroiled in 1317 in face of the growing ambitions of the della Scala lords of Verona to control a substantial slice of northeastern Italy, but the text breaks off a short way into this narrative, although the author manages to observe that the war lasted ‘for three years and more’. 8 It

in Saints and cities in medieval Italy
Abstract only
P. J. P. Goldberg

patent surrendered, of ten marks yearly from Michaelmas next out of the farm of the alien priory of Hamble during the war with France. If the war end in her lifetime, she shall then take the said sum at the Exchequer according to the form of the previous letters patent. 15. Borough ordinances. Translated from Bateson, Borough Customs , I

in Women in England c. 1275–1525
Paul Fouracre
Richard A. Gerberding

disagreements, and civil wars, which had fallen upon many areas of the divided realm, they, one by one in their own land and deserting the lawful authority, attempted to defend their freedom with arms. But the unconquerable 123 leader Pippin, with the Lord’s help, held this stubbornness in check by frequent expeditions, very effective military strategy, and frequent devastation. And, with divine power

in Late Merovingian France
Elisabeth van Houts

’s head around for all to see. Serlo’s act is a prime example of the aggressive Norman triumphalism which soldiers displayed in times of war, though William the Conqueror’s apologists were careful not to draw attention to it in their chronicles. Most castles were built on strategic sites on hilltops and near rivers along the borders, for example (from north to south) at Eu and

in The Normans in Europe
Abstract only
Jennifer Ward

’s estates brought in revenues of about £12,000. This gulf between the top nobility and the rest was largely the result of marriage and the accumulation of great inheritances in a few hands. 4 Between 1066 and 1500 the knight had an important role both in war and society. In the Norman period, the knights were not a homogeneous group, and a few of them held as much land as a lesser

in Women of the English Nobility and Gentry, 1066-1500