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Technologies of power and language of rights
C. Sathyamala

. ( 2014 ). India's dark history of sterilisation . BBC News . . Accessed 1 July 2018. Dey , S. ( 2015 ). Government to allow injectable contraceptive for women? Times of India .

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How haplogroups are mobilised in the re-writing of origin stories in the Indian media
Devika Prakash

–9 . Bhat , P. and Chadha , K. ( 2020 ). Anti-media populism: expressions of media distrust by right-wing media in India , Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 13 : 2 , 166–82 . Biswas , S. ( 2019 ). Why a million Indian tribal families face eviction . BBC , 22 February.

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Hindutva’s latest neo-eugenic repronational project
Vasudha Mohanka

:// . Accessed 3 September 2020. Biswas , S. ( 2014 ). India's dark history of sterilisation . BBC News . . Accessed 3 September 2020. Bunsha , D. ( 2006 ). Scarred: Experiments with Violence in Gujarat . New Delhi

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Daryl Leeworthy

. 55 HTV News, 15 May 1996. 56 ‘Wales’s only HIV respite centre to shut down’, Daily Post , 2 February 2012. Available online at: (accessed 25 March 2019); ‘Trust’s crisis as HIV cases grow’, BBC News, 1 December 2003

in Histories of HIV/AIDS in Western Europe
Containing problem populations in post-war British public health policy, 1945–74
Michael Lambert

moving; although stigmatising language was carefully negotiated. 110 In Liverpool, the Liaison Subcommittee mentioned earlier made singular use of an interwar tenement complex at Speke Road Gardens, although other pre-war tenement blocks were used in a similar fashion over time. 111 Southwark’s intermediate accommodation at Chaucer House was the subject of a 1972 BBC documentary where the MOH

in Publics and their health
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Psychoanalysis in the public sphere, 1968–88
Richard Bates

psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, who used series of 1940s BBC broadcasts to address the psychical effects of World War II on children, especially evacuees and those living apart from their parents. 2 France’s relationship with radio was transformed by the country’s experience of World War II. In the 1930s, the main attractions of French broadcasting were music and drama; coverage of news and current affairs was generally disappointing, especially on the somewhat ponderous public networks. 3 Vichy’s public radio, though it became

in Psychoanalysis and the family in twentieth-century France
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Promiscuity, gender and sexuality
Sophie Vasset

scenes: the 2019 mini-series Sanditon (Red Planet Pictures, ITV, Masterpiece Theatre, 2019), and the 1987 adaptation of Northanger Abbey (British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), A+E Networks, 1987). 9 T. Rowlandson, The Comforts of Bath , 1798. Watercolour painting, 18.6 × 12.4 cm, Yale Center for British Art. 10

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Ian Kennedy, oversight and accountability in the 1980s
Duncan Wilson

academic lawyer Ian Kennedy. Since the late 1960s, Kennedy has written on medical definitions of death and mental illness, euthanasia, the doctor–patient relationship and the rights of AIDS patients. In line with the ‘hands-off’ approach of lawyers, Kennedy’s early work stressed that decisions should rest solely with the medical profession; but this stance changed after he encountered bioethics during a spell in the United States. In 1980 Kennedy used the prestigious BBC Reith Lectures to endorse the approach that he explicitly labelled ‘bioethics’, critiquing

in The making of British bioethics
Open Access (free)
Duncan Wilson

Baroness Warnock automatically gives moral authority to what are entirely immoral viewpoints’.15 Warnock’s views were seen as highly significant not for their rightness or wrongness, then, but more for the weight they carried thanks to her ‘moral authority’. We must not presume that this authority derived solely from her status as a member of the ‘Great and Good’ either, for other bioethicists are also regarded as highprofile and authoritative figures. In 1982 the BBC chose Jonathan Glover to present a Horizon programme on genetic engineering and enhancement, entitled

in The making of British bioethics
Vaccine scares, statesmanship and the media
Andrea Stöckl
Anna Smajdor

influence of the media on the swine flu epidemic and the HPV vaccination. 10 Newspaper distribution and readership has been researched extensively and we thus follow the analysis of Shona Hilton and team who have researched the readership of British newspapers by age and social class. 11 We also examine the role that the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) played in these debates. Before doing so, we wanted to situate these debates in a

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