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What a thought experiment about race-colour change makes us see
Margaret P. Battin

be wrong for you to use a dose of ‘Madame Butterfly’, at least until your position in this society is a bit more secure? After all, we are already familiar with hair colour changing strategies both for combating prejudice and for enhancing status: dyeing out the grey counteracts ageism, and blondes, it has long been claimed, have more fun. Is skin colour changing just the same sort of practice writ on a larger scale? Margaret P. Battin 173 Pursuing jobs or professions Jobs often come colour-coded, whether officially or not. While Pullman porters are no longer

in From reason to practice in bioethics
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Operationalising consensus, internalising discipline
Patrícia Alves de Matos

: ‘innovate’, ‘improve’ and ‘make real’, which told us which room to go to. With my ‘make real’ badge, I made my way to the appropriate room, where the trainer had already begun the session with a PowerPoint presentation featuring a three-dimensional picture of a butterfly. She asked the audience what they saw in the picture. Some said a butterfly, others a painting with the shape of a butterfly. She then asked if everyone was already acquainted with the ‘butterfly effect’. Some said they knew the main idea: the movement of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could set off a

in Disciplined agency
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Rodney Barker

principle, foundation, or source. When Pope satirised the social butterfly who might ‘stain her honour, or her new brocade’, he was mocking the value placed on clothing and bodily adornment, not disputing its importance, and was conveying in a few satirical words an understanding of the role of clothing which might have taken an academic commentator rather longer. 2 A commentator or describer of identities is therefore obliged to be a democratic empiricist, to begin by taking account of all aspects of behaviour, and may not dismiss anything as of no significance

in Cultivating political and public identity
Marisa McGlinchey

leadership. The likes of decommissioning. People were actually told don’t believe we’re gonna be decommissioning because we’re not. 60 In an article in The Blanket in October 2003 Anthony McIntyre argued ‘the only people lacking the ability to work out that the IRA has decommissioned its weaponry are to be found within the Republican Movement. Nobody outside the ranks is running around whispering, “It never happened.”’ 61 A butterfly that flew away In September 2015, a decade after IRA decommissioning

in Unfinished business
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Describing and defending place for a living (or the renaissance of 100–mile geographers)
Briony Penn

next generation of guerrilla geographers. The origins of a guerilla geographer During that spring of 1969, I would sit for hours gazing at these meadows of stunning spring wildflowers full of butterflies from one of the gnarled Garry oak trees. The essence of Garry oak meadows is that they occur on sunny, warm, south-aspect slopes, distinct from the rest of the coast, which is typically shrouded in cloud. These meadows are reliant on geology. The tectonic plates of that Pacific edge have piled up mountains like suitcases on a conveyor belt, forming a unique

in University engagement and environmental sustainability
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Highs and lows – breaching social and spatial boundaries
Rowland Atkinson

–39 . Brown , L. ( 2021 ). The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America . Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press . de Sousa Santos , B. ( 2017 ). Decolonising the University: The Challenge of Deep Cognitive Justice . Newcastle : Cambridge Scholars . Dorling , D. ( 2019 ). Inequality and the 1% . 2nd edn . London : Verso

in How the other half lives
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

the case of the butterfly (bagábaga) or the snail (kogoró). On other occasions, they represent only a characteristic element of the object, for example, the footprints of the jaguar (imamá) or the spots of a snake (damá). In Chagres such older designs are often reduced to their particular components, or applied only on the arms. Some Emberá say that one or another design is ‘one of ours’ – or ‘from Parara’ – by which they mean that the residents of their community use it more frequently than others do. This tendency to associate particular designs with particular

in Exoticisation undressed
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

, while the Emberá steer a course through the lake and the river, the tourists obtain a good view of the natural ecosystem in the Chagres Park and take photographs of the landscape, the river turtles and numerous species of butterflies and birds. The canoe ride, a couple of tourists said to me, is an added bonus to the experience, enhancing the perceived naturalness of the rainforest. This in turn creates a strong sense of anticipation for the ‘remarkable’ – as so many tourists have described it – encounter that follows: one with a ‘truly’ indigenous community in a

in Exoticisation undressed
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The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
Joe Larragy

a small force can tip the balance – call it ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions’ or, as meteorologist Edward Lorenze famously put it, ‘the Butterfly Effect’! (Gleick 1991: 23) Plateau and decline of the INOU’s impact From Partnership 2000 to the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness (PPF) Paradoxically, just when they won this concession in 1996/7, the influence of the INOU had already reached a plateau because economic and political circumstances had begun to change. Respondents from the INOU referred to a changing set of challenges in the years from

in Asymmetric engagement