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Rodney Barker

principle, foundation, or source. When Pope satirised the social butterfly who might ‘stain her honour, or her new brocade’, he was mocking the value placed on clothing and bodily adornment, not disputing its importance, and was conveying in a few satirical words an understanding of the role of clothing which might have taken an academic commentator rather longer. 2 A commentator or describer of identities is therefore obliged to be a democratic empiricist, to begin by taking account of all aspects of behaviour, and may not dismiss anything as of no significance

in Cultivating political and public identity
Marisa McGlinchey

leadership. The likes of decommissioning. People were actually told don’t believe we’re gonna be decommissioning because we’re not. 60 In an article in The Blanket in October 2003 Anthony McIntyre argued ‘the only people lacking the ability to work out that the IRA has decommissioned its weaponry are to be found within the Republican Movement. Nobody outside the ranks is running around whispering, “It never happened.”’ 61 A butterfly that flew away In September 2015, a decade after IRA decommissioning

in Unfinished business
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Approaching the Other
François Burgat

-assertion of the dominated. The anxiety was proportionate to the realization that Western leaders no longer had the means to oppose it: To strive to prevent this world from growing and organizing itself would be as vain as to fit a butterfly back into its chrysalid, or to fit a tree back into the seed from whence it sprang. One would have to have never invented the radio, that spreads ideas; nor the press, that governs them; nor the aeroplane, that eases interpersonal contact and allows the human groups most distant from each other to discover their

in Understanding Political Islam
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Writing the History of a Research Career
François Burgat

’s prime minister] to the French Academy, via Sciences-Po,” a single idea became hegemonic: “Muslims contain jihadists like chrysalids contain butterflies.” More than ever before, “to seek to defend Islam from the accusations leveled at a billion and a half Muslims” comes with a steep price-tag attached: “To be exposed […] to the accusation of ‘Islamo-leftism,’ of having Islamist, i.e. jihadist, sympathies—in short: of treason.” 15 For my part, I remain ready to pay that price. Even if, to my mind, what is at stake is not “defending Islam.” Rather, it is explaining how

in Understanding Political Islam
Niilo Kauppi

the relationships of the parliament to other Union institutions and to national political institutions. A modification in the relationship between national and European institutions can incite national politicians to re-evaluate their opinions of these institutions, and perhaps to see opportunities there where they previously saw only restrictions. This transformation is reminiscent of the famous butterfly effect: minute changes in a remote corner of the earth can have significant effects on the opposite side of the globe. Obviously, accounting for all these

in Democracy, social resources and political power in the European Union
Carla Konta

the Music Biennale Zagreb (founded in 1961) became major channels for US classical performers. USIS was there to organize, manage, finance, and give press support. 18 Between May and June 1955, Eleanor Steber, Metropolitan Opera soprano, performed in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Osijek, making an ‘extraordinary effective work.’ 19 It was one of the first high-class performances financed by the President’s Fund. 20 The New York Times reported, ‘she let her temperament show a bit’ when she refused to sing Madame Butterfly at Belgrade’s Theatre because ‘they didn

in US public diplomacy in socialist Yugoslavia, 1950–70
A content analysis of the Uyghur primary school textbook Til Ädäbiyat
Dilmurat Mahmut and Joanne Smith Finley

story is not Chinese but rather authored by a foreign national, Cole John. The blind girl who catches a butterfly in Baharni Tutup Beqish (Touch of Spring, Book 2, Level 4, pp. 53–54) by Qu Yulou is named Anjing. 33 Finally, Beshigha Chinä Qoyghan Bala (The Boy Balancing Bowls on His Head) by Zhao Lihong is about a resilient acrobatic boy who lives in Shanghai (Book 2, Level 6, pp. 113–115). 34 In none of

in The Xinjiang emergency
Abstract only
Charles T. Hunt

-Kelly ( 2003 ). 5 Connectivity is defined by tight and loose ‘coupling’ – i.e. the degree of ‘epistatic interaction’. 6 This phenomenon is often depicted by Lorenz's ‘butterfly effect’ whereby an event, seemingly trivial in size or importance (e.g. a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil), can lead to a

in United Nations peace operations and International Relations theory