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Coins and the creation of new national identities
Catherine Eagleton

, but also because many countries maintained strong business links with Britain and the sterling area. 5 Moreover, although many have interpreted Nkrumah’s actions in putting himself on the new coins as evidence of resistance and redefinition, and as showing Ghana’s separation from Britain and from colonial rule, there was also opposition within Ghana – more than in Britain or

in Cultures of decolonisation
Trevor Harris

primitive type. The pity and the contempt are the obverse and reverse of the same coin: the government fears and reactions at the time, and the later commemorative urge – the experience of the trenches ‘brought into distorted focus through the prism of modern preoccupation’  48 – both arguably illustrate a desperate desire to bolster a flagging, fragmenting, imagined national community. Resettlement The official approaches to the reintegration of these men into civilian life again

in Exiting war
Panikos Panayi

. 52 Heinrich August Winkler, The Age of Catastrophe: A History of the West 1914–1945 (London: Yale University Press, 2015); Eric Hobsbawn, taking a more global approach, appears to have coined this phrase in his Age of Extremes: A Short History of the Twentieth Century (London: Michael Joseph, 1994), pp. 6–7, covering the ‘decades from the outbreak of the First World War to the aftermath of the Second’. 53

in Exiting war
Hannah Mawdsley

infection, particularly for returning troops, and yellow flags were hung on doors and gates to indicate an infected household. 62 Land border quarantine resulted in trains being forced to stop mid-journey, and their passengers subjected to quarantine in temporary camps. 63 A particular form of Spanish flu memorialisation arose as a result, what might be coined ‘quarantine literature’. Particularly for healthy individuals, the liminal time and space provided by quarantine

in Exiting war
Charles-Philippe Courtois

not allow Quebec to take its place in the international world as a sovereign French State in America’, a very straightforward expression of Quebec ‘ souverainisme ’, to use the expression that would be coined in the 1970s. 75 In sum, ‘a Catholic and French state is not excessive on the North American continent’ and seems aligned with national history, as it had been forever the national aspiration (before 1867). 76 The international context was identified as a major

in Exiting war
Daljit Nagra at the diasporic museum
John McLeod

the segregated schools’, (p. 50) proclaims the speaker as he imagines cloistered classes of children now roaming adventurously and uncontrollably together through the ‘[o]‌gres, griffins, fire serpents, // manacles, gags and coins’ (p. 50). In his museum the politics of segregation meet their match in the polycultural imaginative possibilities that offer other visions of

in British culture after empire
African Caribbean women, belonging and the creation of Black British beauty spaces in Britain (c. 1948– 1990)
Mobeen Hussain

Black Women’s Action Committee , Black Women Judged as Cattle at Shows ( London : Black Women’s Action Committee of the Black Unity and Freedom Party, 1970 ), Black Cultural Archives, WONG/6/39. 87 Intersectionality was coined by

in British culture after empire
Steve Bentel

able to determine how the elements derived from Black culture were incorporated. These venues acted as ‘contact zones’ for Black and white Londoners. Mary Louise Pratt coined the term ‘contact zone’ to mean ‘social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism

in British culture after empire
Abstract only
Rhodesia and the ‘Rivers of Blood’
Josh Doble
Liam J. Liburd
, and
Emma Parker

about reframing ‘power, not about public relations’. 28 As higher-education management teams across the UK appear eager to issue the enlightened last word on decolonising and decolonisation, we look forward to the radical potential of a conversation that has only just begun. To paraphrase the saying coined by Romain Rolland and popularised by Antonio Gramsci, when it comes to decolonisation, it may

in British culture after empire
The Queen’s currency and imperial pedagogies on Australia’s south-eastern settler frontiers
Penelope Edmonds

For the Aboriginal people that Adeney met that day, probably Wathawurrung peoples of the Geelong area, the visage on the coin was merely that of a white woman. The encounter continued: ‘[W]‌here you quamby [sleep]?’ One of the Aboriginal men asked Adeney. ‘Geelong

in Mistress of everything