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Philip D. Morgan

books that probe its Atlantic connections. 4 Located at the intersection of two models of French colonization, situated at the margin of three empires, linking Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, the colony of Louisiana has been depicted as a veritable crossroads of the Atlantic world. 5 Places as far removed as Nova Scotia and Curaçao have been studied for their Atlantic connections. 6 The Caribbean is one region that is attracting much interest for its Atlantic links. 7 The relationship of the American South and the Atlantic is the subject of a collection

in The TransAtlantic reconsidered
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The evolution of a subject
Nicholas Canny

Britain (particularly economic historians) wished to qualify or discredit the Williams thesis, that author had succeeded in bringing some scholars to pay greater attention than they had done previously to the increasing economic importance of Atlantic trade as the seventeenth century proceeded; to the central position of the Caribbean as the source of the commodities that lubricated that trade; and to the importance of the link with Africa that was forged by European traders in search of the slaves who provided the workforce required to cultivate and process the crops

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"On the political passions in Europe and America and their implications for Transatlantic History"
Charles S. Maier

has been a powerful history of encounters, interlocking colonial regimes and their crises (including Spanish–British comparisons by John Elliott and Jeremy Adelman) and labour systems embedded in transoceanic exchange whether across the North Atlantic or the Caribbean. But other approaches that examined the interaction of continental Europe with the Americas also thrived: the massive outpouring of studies on Ibero-American slave circuits from the Portuguese onward (Joseph Miller), the comparative studies of the French and American revolutions – pioneered by

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A programme for the teaching of history in the post- national era
Thomas Adam

from its invention. Such transfers are often invisible to the untrained eye. Other cases such as the transfer of football from England to Germany are more visible and yet they are not necessarily easier to comprehend. From fall 2011 to fall 2012, I organized a sequence of three courses with a group of twelve MA and PhD students to study the global transfer of football from its English home to places as far as Turkey, Argentina, the French Caribbean, and Mexico. 52 Each student was expected to pick one country matched with his or her language

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Michael D. Leigh

missionary work. WMMS was established in 1813. 16 Mrs Hoole, wife of Dr Elijah Hoole, was Foreign-Correspondent. Between 1876 and 1912 under Mrs Wiseman, widow of Rev. Luke Wiseman, WW funds increased from £2,500 to £23,000 per annum. WW was established in 1858 and renamed Ladies Auxiliary. 17 In 1885 there were missions in the Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, India, the Caribbean, Rhodesia, Hupeh and Hunan Districts of China and Ceylon (the Burma Mission had not yet started

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