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Experimenting with ways to change citizen behaviour

How can governments persuade their citizens to act in socially beneficial ways? This ground-breaking book builds on the idea of 'light touch interventions' or 'nudges' proposed in Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein's highly influential Nudge (2008). While recognizing the power of this approach, the book argues that an alternative also needs to be considered: a 'think' strategy, which calls on citizens to decide their own priorities as part of a process of civic and democratic renewal. As well as setting out these divergent approaches in theory, the book provides evidence from a number of experiments to show how using 'nudge' or 'think' techniques works in practice. This second edition includes a substantial prologue by Cass Sunstein and an epilogue by Peter John, reflecting on recent developments in nudge theory and practice and introducing his radical new version of nudge, 'nudge plus'.

Alistair Cole

, citizenship, the role of France in the international arena and the nation. Even more than his predecessors, Hollande took solace in European and foreign affairs, the traditional ‘reserved domain’ of the French president (Howorth, 2013 ). Hollande grew into the role of president in part as war leader: from 2012 to 2017 France intervened in Mali and the Central African Republic and participated in air strikes in Iraq and Syria. The French intervention in Mali in 2013, to dislodge Islamic militants from the north of this strategically important African country and safeguard

in Emmanuel Macron and the two years that changed France
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Bringing it all back home
Matt Qvortrup

, 1951), p. 240. 2 David Altman , Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy ( Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 2019 ), p. 11 . 3 D. Skenderovic , “Immigration and the radical right

in Democracy on demand
Rights and responsibilities
Neil Collins
David O’Brien

The relationship between the State and the citizen in many modern societies is tutored by the notion that freedom and liberty are defined by privacy and personal autonomy. In the West, this is particularly true and is evidenced by the restrictions placed on agents of the government in their dealings with law-abiding citizens. In China, on the other hand, showing good behaviour is the sign of virtuous citizenship and reflects an optimistic Confucian view of human nature. Thus, aberrant behaviour is best addressed by society at large and watchfulness is a

in The politics of everyday China
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A ‘normal’ democracy?
Geoffrey K. Roberts

of Germans from the eastern territories administered by Poland and the USSR, then of ethnic Germans from eastern European states, the problem of the ‘guest workers’ ( Gastarbeiter ) from 1955 and then waves of asylum seekers in the 1980s presented the German political system with severe challenges. Many of those who settled in Germany had children, and these and later generations of German-born ethnic minority populations sought equal rights, including rights of citizenship, with the indigenous population. A new Citizenship Law which came into force in 2000 made it

in German politics today (third edition)
Jack Holland

citizenship, beyond the presidency of Frank Underwood; this is a show about the perils and reality of the ruthless pursuit of power at any cost. Unlike the deliberate proximity of real-life and fictional politics in House of Cards, Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s rich and sprawling novels. Two story arcs unite the political and fantasy dimensions of the show. The first centres on the battles between competing dynastic families to occupy the Iron Throne and rule the kingdom of Westeros. This arc, therefore, has clear parallels with

in Fictional television and American Politics
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Peter John
Sarah Cotterill
Alice Moseley
Liz Richardson
Graham Smith
Gerry Stoker
, and
Corinne Wales

citizenship scheme. This volunteering programme is now overseen and funded by an independent public body, reporting to Parliament (called the National Citizen Service Trust) (Cabinet Office 2018 : 43). The 2011 Localism Act, which promotes community asset ownership, is heavily dependent on volunteering, for example where volunteers are needed to manage transferred community assets. Beyond the UK, the United Nations celebrates an annual International Volunteer Day in December, and the EU has been supporting volunteering, for example through the European Solidarity

in Nudge, nudge, think, think (second edition)
Matt Qvortrup

See Matt Qvortrup, “Citizenship and contemporary direct democracy”, Perspectives on Politics 17(3) (2019), pp. 909–911. 37 David Altman , Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy ( Cambridge

in Democracy on demand
An American case study
Matt Qvortrup

were inspired by the Swiss experiences. For example, the American Labour leader J.W. Sullivan’s Direct Legislation by the Citizenship was explicitly based on the author’s impressions from a trip to Switzerland and he wrote enthusiastically about how “the people may recall their servants at brief intervals” 20 . Sullivan – like other Americans advocating the

in Democracy on demand
Bill Jones

, C ., Seyd , P . and Whiteley , P . ( 2004 ) Citizenship in Britain: Values, Participation and Democracy , Cambridge University Press . Putnam , R . ( 2001 ) Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community , Simon and Schuster . Recommended reading Jones , B ., et al . ( 2007 ) Politics UK ( 6th edition ), Pearson : chapter 11. Kavanagh , D ., et al . ( 2006 ) British Politics ( 5th edition ), Oxford University Press : chapter 21. Kingdom , J . ( 2003 ) Government and Politics in Britain: An Introduction ( 3rd

in British politics today