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The Franks and the world of the early middle ages
Editors: and

This volume of essays in honour of Dame Jinty Nelson celebrates the way in which Jinty has used her profound understanding of Frankish history as a frame for reflecting upon the nature of early medieval culture and society in general. It includes a tabula gratulatoria of those very many others who wish to express their appreciation of Jinty's work and their warm personal gratitude to her. She has remained at King's throughout her entire career. Her early career was combined with young motherhood, a tough experience that has made her strongly supportive of colleagues trying to balance work and family. Although she continued to write about early medieval inauguration rituals, a new departure came with the 1977 paper 'On the limits of the Carolingian Renaissance'. The book discusses what factors determined and informed their particular take on the Frankish world, and how this compares to law-codes and charters. It considers the possibility that land was sometimes taken in early medieval Europe, whether by kings or local lords, for what they claimed was the common good. Whenever only meagre information was available, it was impossible to make sense of the past, that is, to take a prosaic approach to a sense of oblivion. The book explores both the roots of the historical interpretation and the stimuli for change, by considering the long historiographical tradition, attitudes to textual sources, and the changing political environment. The subjects of queens and queenship have figured prominently among Nelson's publications.

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Gottschalk of Orbais and the predestination controversy in the archdiocese of Rheims
Matthew Bryan Gillis

Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson (Manchester, 2008), pp.  101–25. 30 Ganz, ‘Theology’, pp.  777–8. 31 Gottschalk, Confessio brevior , ed. Lambot, pp.  52–4; Amolo, Epistola 2, ed. E. Dümmler, MGH Epp.  5, pp.  368–78; and Hincmar, Ad reclusos et simplices , ed. W. Gundlach, ‘Zwei Schriften des Erzbischofs Hinkmar von Reims’, Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte , 10 (1889), 258–310, at 261–2. 32 Gottschalk, Confessio brevior , ed. Lambot, p.  54. 33 Amolo, Epistola 2

in Hincmar of Rheims
Dealing with the Adoptionist controversy at the court of Charlemagne
Rutger Kramer

. Ganz (eds), Frankland. The Franks and the World of the Early Middle Ages  – Essays in Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson (Manchester, 2008), 101–25. 55 This latter phenomenon is the focus of the chapter by Raaijmakers and Van Renswoude in this volume. 56 Concerning this observation, see generally W.  Hartmann, ‘Konzilien und Geschichtsscheibung in karolingischer Zeit’, in A.  Scharer and G.  Scheibelreiter (eds), Historiographie im frühen Mittelalter (Vienna, 1994), 481–98. 57 ARF, s.a. 794:  ‘Ibi tertio condempnata est heresis Feliciana, quam dampnationem per auctoritatem

in Religious Franks
Jinty Nelson

at court to an ecclesiastical missus.54 Now some bishops – and Mordek, Bibliotheca capitularium, no. 28, p. 1083: there are only four manuscripts, hanging from what looks a Reims thread. 51 M. Innes, ‘ “Immune from heresy”:  defining the boundaries of Carolingian Christianity’, in P. Fouracre and D. Ganz (eds), Frankland. The Franks and the World of the Early Middle Ages  – Essays in Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson (Manchester, 2008), 101–25; see also T. Noble, ‘Kings, clergy and dogma: the settlement of doctrinal disputes in the Carolingian world’, in S.  Baxter, C

in Religious Franks
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Hincmar’s world
Rachel Stone

Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson (Manchester, 2008), pp.  242–65. 32 On the manuscript, see G. Laehr, ‘Ein karolingischer Konzilsbrief und der Fürstenspiegel Hincmars von Reims’, Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft für ältere deutsche Geschichtskunde , 50 (1935), 106–34; H.  H. Anton, Fürstenspiegel und Herrscherethos in der Karolingerzeit (Bonn, 1968), pp.  221–31. My thanks to Phillip Wynn for discussions on this text and sending me copies of his forthcoming work. 33 Patzold, Episcopus , pp.  316–21; Nelson, Chapter 2, pp.  47–8; Gillis, Chapter 13, pp.  258–60. 34

in Hincmar of Rheims
From Alfred to the Norman Conquest
Paul Oldfield

and his empire’, in S. Brink and N. Price (eds), The Viking World (London: Routledge, 2008), pp. 665–8. MacLean, S., ‘Cross-Channel marriage and royal succession in the age of Charles the Simple and Athelstan ( c. 916–936)’, Medieval Worlds 1 (2015), 26–44. MacLean, S., ‘Making a difference in tenth-century politics: King Athelstan’s sisters and Frankish queenship’, in P. Fouracre and D. Ganz (eds), Frankland. The Franks and the World of the Early Middle Ages. Essays in Honour of Dame Jinty Nelson (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008), pp. 167

in Debating medieval Europe