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E.A. Jones

after the health of both the body and soul of this recluse, and having taken the advice of experts, have graciously given our assent to his aforesaid petition in the form given below: that is, that such a door should be made under your supervision, and [secured] with a strong lock whose key should remain in your possession; and that you should come to him in

in Hermits and anchorites in England, 1200–1550
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E.A. Jones

. 8 The solitaries of this period, including the emergence of enclosed anchorites as a distinct group, have been expertly covered by Tom Licence in his Hermits & Recluses in English Society 950–1200 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011). 9 Heremitae solivagi aut Anachoritae conclusi . Cited by Francis D

in Hermits and anchorites in England, 1200–1550
E.A. Jones

contain true Catholic belief, since there were still many people to indict and accuse him on articles that they contradicted, and moreover they were determined to prove him to be in the wrong, at last when he could not reply to the reasons advanced against him, he confessed himself to have been in error, by humbly asking for pardon to be granted him. We ourselves, having heard his arguments with the said experts on these matters

in Hermits and anchorites in England, 1200–1550
C. E. Beneš

Salvago, however, cannot be definitively identified (see ‘Porchetus Salvaticus’, DBI 85.26–7). Similarly, while Manuel and Pietro come from families known for their notaries and legal experts, they cannot be identified precisely. 56 Charles II of Anjou, king of Naples 1285–1309. Sicily and other Neapolitan dominions had been occupied by the

in Jacopo Da Varagine’s Chronicle of the city of Genoa
E.A. Jones

wonderful revelations, which she described to the anchoress to find out if there were any deception in them, for the anchoress was expert in such things and could give good advice’. 16 As a visionary herself, of course, Julian was especially well placed to advise. Visions required careful discernment, and caution might be the safest policy: Walter’s Rule counsels that the anchorite ‘should pay no attention

in Hermits and anchorites in England, 1200–1550
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Rachel Stone and Charles West

he would become, by 860 he had already won a name for himself as an expert in matters of Church tradition, having written substantial treatises on Church property and on the abduction of women. 74 It is therefore no surprise that his opinion was canvassed about King Lothar II’s divorce; indeed, Lothar II’s supporters claimed that Hincmar had already consented to the procedure

in The divorce of King Lothar and Queen Theutberga
Rosemary Horrox

attain this end we have listened to the opinions of many modern experts on astrology and medicine about the causes of the epidemic which has prevailed since 1345. However, because their conclusions still leave room for considerable uncertainty, we, the masters of the faculty of medicine at Paris, inspired by the command of the most illustrious prince, our most serene lord, Philip, King of

in The Black Death
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Alison I. Beach, Shannon M.T. Li, and Samuel S. Sutherland

used for the study and exegesis of the Bible. 49 Surviving letters that the nuns of Admont exchanged with regional experts in biblical exegesis, including Gerhoch of Reichersberg, attest to the active use of such books; the women of Admont read, studied, copied, and exchanged manuscripts, reaching out for guidance beyond the community when they had unanswered questions. In the mid-twelfth century, Abbot Irimbert (r. 1137–1165) added books containing his own biblical sermon-commentaries on several Old Testament books to Admont’s library, relying on the women of the

in Monastic experience in twelfth-century Germany
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Condemnation of Wyclif’s teaching
Stephen Penn

Canterbury, the highest primate of England and legate of the apostolic see, send my greeting with divine permission to all of the children of holy mother church to whom the present letters have come. Your university knows that we have condemned the following articles with the counsel and assent of our friars and other doctors in sacred theology, canon law and civil law, and many other experts, in the form that follows: 1) That the material substance of the bread and wine remains in the

in John Wyclif
Trevor Dean

knights ready for war this city can field, I can say, because in the city and contado over 10,000 can with ease maintain war horses at the commune’s command … There are in the city alone 120 lawyers in civil and canon law, and their college is believed to have no equal in the world for size and learning … There are more than 1,500 notaries … [and] 28 expert medics, commonly called physicians … [and

in The towns of Italy in the later Middle Ages