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Kathryn Nash

After the fall of France to Germany, the French resistance, led by General Charles de Gaulle, depended on French colonial territories for manpower, resources, and ultimately legitimacy. Free French Africa spanned Chad, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, and Oubangui-Chari. 24 Brazzaville became the capital of legitimate France for the resistance, and it was from this African city that the French resistance was able to continue their campaign to liberate the French motherland and maintain their credibility with other Allied Powers. 25 When France was eventually

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Extradition, political offence exception and the French sanctuary
Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

solution, transforming them into cheap foreign workers. 27 The work companies made of refugees and the internment camps played a central part in Vichy's attempt to control and expel political suspects. They were equally crucial though in the development of the French resistance, with numerous Spanish, Basque and Catalan refugees escaping and joining the ranks of the Free French Forces of General De Gaulle or the various segments of the French internal resistance, notably across the Pyrénées-Orientales region

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Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet

. for Eva Forrest], Operación ogro: Cómo y por qué ejecutamos a Carrero Blanco [Operation Ogre: how and why we executed Carrero Blanco], Donostia, Hordago, 1978; P. Woodworth, ‘In 1973, I applauded an ETA killing. Not now’, Irish Times , 8 April 2017: ‘It's conveniently forgotten by many now, but ETA's bold defiance of the fascist military dictatorship of General Franco was, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, often compared to the impeccable anti-Nazi struggle of the French Résistance

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Lindsay Aqui

market prices, rather than the more rigid system guaranteed by the Community. This, he argued, would both guarantee suitably high prices and protect consumers, at a cost to the Exchequer of £22 million. Peart could only gain the Commission’s agreement to operate a scheme of deficiency payments to subsidise beef producers for one year, as a temporary measure, while a long-term solution was studied. This was because of French resistance to the introduction of a system of national intervention. 51 In February Peart secured an additional concession: agreement to a new

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Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

with de Gaulle’s Free French resistance movement. He became a Senator in the Fourth Republic, and, when de Gaulle accepted the call to introduce a new constitution in 1958, Debré played a leading role in drafting that constitution. After serving as Prime Minister, he later became Foreign Minister and Defence Minister. In 1981 he was a candidate for the presidency, but received only about 1 per cent of the vote on the first

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Michael Loadenthal

rifts that would be highlighted later between so called “classical” anarchists and those advocating insurrection. Importantly, when the fascists defeated the Republicans in 1940, the Franco regime went on to execute up to 200,000 dissidents, and many CNT-F.A.I. members fled internationally. Some, such as Francisco Sabaté Llopart (aka El Quico or simply Sabaté), fled to France and aided the French Resistance to Nazi occupation. After Sabaté and others finished fighting in France, many would return to Spain under Franco and carry out anti-state attacks including

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Eurosclerosis (1959– 84) and the second phase of integration (1985– 2003)
Peter J. Verovšek

crucial that she preserve her sovereignty, so that she could continue her traditions and eventually return to greatness. 16 These considerations underlie de Gaulle’s famous appeal on the BBC following the news that France had officially requested an armistice with Germany on 18 June 1940. In it, he claimed to be the personification of the French resistance and called on the remaining French forces to rally to him. In saying the words ‘ nous sommes la France ’ the General meant it literally: ‘in his view Free France was France, and he was the head of a sovereign

in Memory and the future of Europe
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

Italian political elites. [See also: Tangentopoli] maquis A name given to sections of the French resistance in the Second World War, usually those located in rural areas especially of southern France. The word derives from the scrubby undergrowth found especially in the mountainous areas where they had their bases. [See also: Resistance groups] Marshall Plan

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