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Wolfgang Müller-Funk

argue that certain barriers have a magic surplus. The Iron Curtain that marks the boundary between a theatre play and its audience, and which later became a metaphor for the strict border between the capitalist West and communist East, is/was such a magic liminal element. These borders bear similarities to the fetish which suggests that it is the sheer materiality that has the power of separating peoples and individuals from each other. It functions in a similar way to sexual fetishes for Freud or money for Marx (Böhme, 2006 : 14, 449). What all these cultural

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Matrixial gazing in Tim Robinson’s walk-art-text practice
Moynagh Sullivan

Cleggan Head, Connemara, by Robinson (cropped from original sized map). Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan create sexually individuated subjects. As a theory of sexual difference, or subjectivity, it does not seek to displace what is understood to be the touchstone of psychoanalytical theory, the Oedipal scene, but rather seeks to expand the psychic dimensions of our phenomenological experience. Robinson’s work recalls both the separated and sexed individuals created from ‘castrating cuts’ that see sexual difference, and yet traces of the matrixial can be powerfully

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The invisibility of border-related trauma narratives in the Finnish–Russian borderlands
Tuulikki Kurki

hand, refer to such concepts as silenced, erased or oppressed history (see also Brambilla, Chapter 4 above). Nevertheless, visibility is not automatically positive or empowering, but certain types of visibility may also appear as a burden to marginalised groups (Brambilla and Pötzsch, 2014 ). In addition to Arendt's definition, invisibility and visibility refer to the difficulty of representing traumatic experiences. Based on Freud's trauma theories, Cathy Caruth ( 1991 : 185) claims that traumas can never be approached directly, but can be

in Border images, border narratives