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An Interview with Celso Amorim, Former Brazilian Foreign Minister
Juliano Fiori

seminar on democracy in the coming weeks, motivated by Lula’s situation. The seminar was the suggestion of Dominique de Villepin, who was French foreign minister and prime minister during the government of [President Jacques] Chirac. Villepin is a republican in the French sense, a democrat, but he isn’t a man of the Left. He recently said to me, ‘The world misses Brazil,’ because Brazil was bringing a soft power that isn’t only for its own benefit. As soon as we put our house in order… sure, it is clear that we need to stop cutting down the Amazon

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Amikam Nachmani

, following his part in the Ocalan fiasco – more of which later – prompted the Turkish Daily News to reprint the minister’s scurrilous remarks about Turkey, asserting that these have ensured him a place in the history books. He has called the Turks “thieves, cut throats and sexual deviates”. He has claimed that the fact that “every Turkish woman wishing to enter the civil service must undergo a virginity test”, is proof that culturally Turkey is not European. Jacques Chirac’s championship of Turkey’s application to EU membership, led to him being

in Turkey: facing a new millennium
Financial liberalisation and the end of the Cold War
Helen Thompson

created by the recession of the early 1980s, French interest rates remained higher than West German because the financial markets still believed that the Deutschmark was a more credible currency than the franc, and even the Americans had been unable to procure any relaxation of West German monetary and fiscal rectitude. For both Mitterrand and his Gaullist prime minister, Jacques Chirac, the status quo had become intolerable. Against all probability, Chirac’s government successfully negotiated a draft treaty with the Kohl government to create a Franco-German council to

in Might, right, prosperity and consent
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

President Jacques Chirac (took office 17 May 1995, re-elected May 2002). State structure Unitary, comprising 96 metropolitan departments and 10 overseas departments. Corsica has its own directly elected legislative assembly. Government The president appoints the prime minister and a cabinet (Council of Ministers) of around twenty members, which is responsible to the bicameral Parliament. Executive power is vested in the

in The politics today companion to West European Politics
Piers Robinson, Peter Goddard, Katy Parry, Craig Murray, and Philip M. Taylor

highlight the deceptive nature of the Iraqi regime (Prime Minister’s Office, 2003), but this was rapidly discredited as the ‘dodgy dossier’ when it was found that parts had been plagiarised from a PhD thesis discussing events following the 1991 Gulf War. Meanwhile, Britain and the USA pressed for a second UN resolution that would formally sanction an invasion. However, French president Jacques Chirac announced on 10 March that France would veto any such resolution, denying UN support to any military action against Iraq. The American public favoured an invasion (Benedetto

in Pockets of resistance
Evidence for negotiated and oppositional coverage
Piers Robinson, Peter Goddard, Katy Parry, Craig Murray, and Philip M. Taylor

misguided souls who refuse to support your loved ones’ (‘Safe home’, 20 March 2003: 8). Notably, 41.0% of the Sun’s editorial subjects4 were devoted to attacking the war’s supposed opponents, including the BBC, prominent British anti-war politicians such as Robin Cook, and the UN (‘The useless UN failed miserably to do anything to liberate the Iraqi people. The Security Council ratted on Britain and America and forced us to go it alone’ (‘Cut out UN’s food racket’, 27 March 2003: 10)). The Sun’s most fervent condemnation was reserved for Jacques Chirac, the French

in Pockets of resistance
Evidence for supportive coverage and the elite-driven model
Piers Robinson, Peter Goddard, Katy Parry, Craig Murray, and Philip M. Taylor

smaller proportion of press photographs (0.3%) contained any reference to WMD. Television pictures of journalists reporting with gas masks on were perhaps the most striking visuals of this kind. For example, on 20 March, Sky News interrupted other stories to cut live to its Kuwait correspondent in a gas mask as air raid sirens blared in the background. The value of such images in lending credibility to proponents of the invasion was not lost on one of the anchors in this Sky bulletin, who commented: ‘One wonders . . . if Jacques Chirac is watching these pictures, of

in Pockets of resistance
David Brown

assassination attempt on the then French President, Jacques Chirac, in July 2002), the report stretches the qualifications for inclusion, by making reference to racist and anti-Semitic movements more generally. The credibility of both Europol and the EU more generally is not aided by such developments, which seem to prioritise the perception of ‘commonality’ (and the provision of an ever more substantial report – it has grown significantly in length since the first report in January 2002) over the attainment of accuracy. The gathering storm: the scale of Islamist terrorism

in The European Union, counter terrorism and police co-operation, 1992–2007
Edwin Bacon, Bettina Renz, and Julian Cooper

the Polish newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza, and the Polish television channel TVP (14 January 2002), 28773.shtml (last accessed 25 July 2005). Bacon 03 3/2/06 10:24 AM Page 71 The Chechen conflict 14 Ibid. See also Speech by President Putin and Questions and Answers during the Joint Press Conference with the French President Jacques Chirac (15 January 2002), (last accessed 25 July 2005). 15 The Annual Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal

in Securitising Russia
Open Access (free)
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

Callaghan, James Carrero Blanco, Luis Carrillo, Santiago Carstens, Karl Chaban-Delmas, Jacques Chirac, Jacques Churchill, Winston Ciampi, Carlo Constantine II of Greece Cosgrave, Liam Cossiga, Francesco Coty, René Craxi, ‘Bettino’ (Benedetto) Cresson, Edith Debré, Michel Delors

in The politics today companion to West European Politics