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Practical consciousness knowledge, consciousness raising, the natural attitude and the social construction of reasonable/unreasonable
Mark Haugaard

, and sense of injustice; for instance, she may use her skills as a female to flatter men to gain advantage. Or, she be aware of the 2-D bias and somehow consider it inevitable because of reification, which we will come to in the next two chapters. Social change as resonance The idea of consciousness-raising does not reproduce the false-versus-true-consciousness dichotomy, yet it covers some of the same underlying intellectual territory. There is no foundational truth claim here. The #MeToo movement has not found an irrefutable Truth. Rather, a number of social

in The four dimensions of power
Deep versus shallow conflict and resistance
Mark Haugaard

a social actor gives up some desired goal because of a refusal to confirm-structure some Y-status (Israel-as-a-state, in this case) there is always an appeal to self-sacrifice and principle. In this spirit, the Iranian Youth and Sports Ministry commented upon Karimi as follows: ‘Your noble and heroic action in the world competition in Poland, abandoning the medal and podium in support of the highest human values, is a source of pride and praise’ (Haaretz 2018 ). To take a different example, with regard to economic resources, the #MeToo movement has

in The four dimensions of power
Abstract only
French-made today v. yesterday
Andy Smith

any electoral list remain dominated by men. More pervasively, as a succession of #MeToo scandals have revealed since 2017, and the content of French advertising confirms on a daily basis, deeply ingrained sexism continues to predominate in most social milieux. Higher secondary education is another wide issue area over which superficial commentary often considers that deep change has occurred, whereas actual modification of power relations and institutions for the moment remains slight. My finding here may seem curious given that a governmental commitment was made

in Made in France
Violence, coercion and authority
Mark Haugaard

damaged. The # MeToo campaign is essentially a campaign to delegitimize the authority of persons in public life who have abused their authority. When many women state that they have been inappropriately propositioned as part of an abuse of authority, they are essentially undermining the ring of reference that constitutes that authority. In the case of film stars this authority is informal social power authority. In the case of more formal political authority there are usually procedures for the removal of such individuals. Even where this is not so, as in the

in The four dimensions of power