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Sandra Fredman

conflict must be resolved through rights. Hence it was crucial to the Northern Ireland accord that human rights and equality were central to the Good Friday agreement. Similarly, constitutional human rights have been a key part of the replacement of apartheid by a democratic settlement in South Africa. It was in South Africa too that the fundamental role of reconciliation was recognized as ploughing the soil for the cultivation of a human rights culture. As the closing paragraphs of South Africa’s Interim Constitution put it in 1993, truth and reconciliation is a bridge

in ‘War on terror’
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Kevern Verney

was wrong. In 1998 scientific advances in DNA testing made it possible to show beyond reasonable doubt that late twentieth-century members of the Hemmings family had a shared ancestry with Jefferson. In an emotive act of reconciliation, the white descendants of the deceased President welcomed their newly recognized black relatives as long-lost family members. 2 Unfortunately, it is unusual for historical debate to have such a clear-cut, let alone happy, ending. The Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings controversy constitutes a rare exception to the rule. In the

in The Debate on Black Civil Rights in America
Edward Tomarken

revenge. But he finds Nagase attempting to achieve reconciliation with his old enemies. Instead of pursuing revenge, he sets about schooling Nagase in remorse. When Nagase refers to the killing of prisoners, Eric amends the word to murder and makes Nagase repeat it. When Nagase insists that he was just an interpreter not a member of the army, Eric counters that he witnessed every atrocity carried out by the army. By this means, Eric allays some of his deep anger and frees himself of some of the ghosts of his past. Eric also recapitulates with Nagase the

in Why theory?
Daniel Szechi

got the chance to do so, and one after another all the major clans (and some of the minor ones) dutifully provided cannon-fodder sufficient to ease their chieftains’ passage back into the good graces of the government. 32 The seal was put on the former Jacobites’ reconciliation with the Whig establishment by legislation passed in 1784 returning to their former owners estates confiscated in 1746 that had not already been surreptitiously reacquired by them. By the time the Episcopalian church formally ceased to pray for the exiled Stuarts in its services – when

in The Jacobites (second edition)
David Myers

how the interior designer might aesthetically balance a client's preference for mauve and orange. But, although Suits may be optimistic in granting the constructor of games (or, in parallel, the designer of kitchens) this talent of reconciliation, I am not. The successful resolution of the game player's “odd volitional posture” in games – like the successful arrangement of mauve and orange kitchen fixtures – is judged in the eyes of the beholders. And, even if we agree to grant great powers of reconciliation to those who construct and design, the eye of

in Games are not
David Rodin

-moral functions. They expose criminals to a kind of ‘epistemic shame’ (the shame of having others ‘know’) which is quite different from punitive shame. They can facilitate emotional closure and healing for victims. They allow society to publicly reaffirm and develop shared values within a rational system of law governed by rules of precedent. It is these functions of the trial that ‘truth and reconciliation’ councils attempt to replicate without the punitive element. The social functions of trial are important, but there is a second, more important reason underlying the

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The San Juan Triennial tracking the new century
Mari Carmen Ramírez

worse, Puerto Ricans – divided between the continental United States and the Island – comprise a considerable share of this reality. Separated by the same language as well as by unbearable affinities, the unavoidable reconciliation among our communities – whether Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Chicano or Latino – becomes a priority for our own cultural survival again. Therefore, beyond

in Perspectives on contemporary printmaking
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Helen Boak

), Hedwig Dransfeld (Z and KFB), Paula Mueller-Otfried (DNVP and DEF) and Clara Mende (DVP and RNF), the last of whom went on to chair the committee until its dissolution in October 1933. 193 While some women, such as Gertrud Bäumer and Helene Lange, believed that Germany was not solely responsible for the outbreak of the war, others believed Germany to be totally innocent. In 1925 the BdF left the DFKB after the BdF had adopted a more conciliatory stance to Germany’s former enemies in the wake of Foreign Minister Stresemann’s new policy of reconciliation, which created

in Women in the Weimar Republic
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Economics, influence and security
Oliver Daddow

existence, entrapping speakers even as they seek to escape particular discursive shackles. Brown enthusiastically supported the Prime Minister on the reform agenda by arguing: ‘our distinctive British qualities have much to offer Europe in our national interest and in Europe’s interests [ sic ]’ (Brown 1997c). New Labour’s European agenda during Blair’s first term centred on trying to generate a Third Way reconciliation between what the government took to be two threatening propensities within the EU: federalism and regulation (Brown 1997c; see also O’Donnell and

in New Labour and the European Union
Wes Sharrock and Graham Button

. The irreducible fact is that an overwhelming part of this sociological controversy involves arguments at cross purposes. In our view, a clearer understanding of the sources of diversity in sociological thought would make the project of theoretical reconciliation by way of a structure–agency synthesis seem much more, rather than significantly less, difficult. The ‘structure-and-agency’ discussions in sociology show no sign of reaching a conclusion. Papers by Healy (1998), Perkmann (1998) and Sibeon (1999) have tried to formulate new versions of the ‘anti

in Human agents and social structures