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Introduction The seas and oceans are the subject of a great deal of scientific research. The aims of this research are to increase knowledge and understanding of, inter alia, the physical characteristics of sea water, wave formation, tidal levels and ocean circulation, and how they vary over time and place; the geology and geomorphology of the seabed; marine fauna and flora

in The law of the sea
Claus von Wobeser

emerged regarding the impact of inward FDI and MNEs on the Latin American economies, research in outward FDI and MNEs from developing economies, including Latin America, has not gained relevance until more recently. 30 However, this landscape has changed in important ways over the past few decades, which further diversifies the corporate stakeholder in the regime

in Latin America and international investment law
Resistance and accommodation
Sufyan Droubi
Cecilia Flores Elizondo
, and
Raphael Heffron

that the regime of investment treaties also perpetuates inequality – not only between countries, which is of a lesser concern here, but between the two non-state participants which this chapter addresses (investors and indigenous people). Although legal research looking at the impact of the design and implementation of these treaties on the levels of inequality that affect

in Latin America and international investment law
Transformative constitutionalism and fair and equitable treatment
René Urueña
María Angélica Prada-Uribe

Emerging Global Administrative Law” ( 2009 ) NYU School of Law, Public Law Research Paper 9–46 , 10 . In a subsequent article Stepahn Schill adds the principle of legality and the protection against arbitrariness and discrimination. See Stephan W. Schill

in Latin America and international investment law
Claims to universality and charges of particularism
Philip Burton

pervasive disciplinary “presentism.” 15 That is not to say that investment lawyers lack interest in the past. However, the wider historical turn in international legal scholarship has been comparatively slow to spread to investment law. 16 Nevertheless, historical research in international investment law is now burgeoning. Beyond purely historical research

in Latin America and international investment law
Adoración Guamán

Europeo de Inversiones señala que “Civil society includes a broad range of entities such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), policy think tanks, research institutions, trade unions, social movements, community-based organisations, business associations and other socio-economic and labour market players.” ( ). Los

in Latin America and international investment law
Universalizing resistance
Fabian Cardenas
Jean d’Aspremont

Law ( Routledge Research in International Law 2017 ) 8 . 12 See Alejandro Alvarez , International Law and Related Subjects from the Point of View of the American

in Latin America and international investment law
Henrique Choer Moraes
Facundo Pérez Aznar

UNASUR has been prepared by Maria Sarmiento and is available at accessed 9 December 2018. 26 For comments on the ISDS aspects of the USMCA, see, among others, Congressional Research Service

in Latin America and international investment law
A critical approach to investment facilitation debate
Luciana Ghiotto

state or mix enterprises. 50 So, a line of research should be started that studies the relationship between the investment facilitation proposal and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Finally, this debate has given way to more challenging questions than answers. Investment facilitation and regulatory cooperation are not matters of trade and investment technical rules, but they

in Latin America and international investment law
A quest for balance
Rodrigo Polanco Lazo
Felipe Ferreira Catalán

and Human Rights Cases in Latin America” in Radi , Yannick (ed), Research Handbook on Human Rights and Investment ( Edward Elgar 2018 ) 41–92 accessed 29 January 2019

in Latin America and international investment law