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Robert Aldrich

. 9 In October 2016 the former King Kigeli V, deported from Rwanda in 1961 after a referendum abolished the monarchy – just before the country gained independence from Belgium – died in exile in the United States. (Sam Roberts, ‘Kigeli V, the Last King of Rwanda, Dies at 80’, New York Times, 21 October 2016.)

in Banished potentates
European colonisers and indigenous monarchs
Robert Aldrich

: Colibri, 1996 ), and Gungunhana: Grandeza e decadência de um império africano (Lisbon: Colibri, 1999 ). On the Belgian exile of the Rwandan king Yuhi V, see Alison Des Forges, Defeat is the Only Bad News: Rwanda under Musinga (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011 ). For a case in the German Pacific, Patricia O’Brien, Tautai: Samoa, World History, and the

in Banished potentates
Matthew P. Fitzpatrick

-West Africa (today’s Namibia), Togo, Cameroon, German East Africa (straddling today’s Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda), Samoa, New Guinea and a large number of islands in the Pacific including some in the Solomon, Marshall and Caroline Islands groups. It also possessed a small concession in China (Qingdao). Despite some wishing to transform Samoa into a settler colony, only South

in Crowns and colonies
Guy Vanthemsche

Schuylenbergh and Mathieu Zana Aziza Etambala (eds), Patrimoine d’Afrique centrale. Archives films Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, 1912–1960 (Tervuren: MRAC, 2010), pp. 141–156. 27 Stéphanie Hocq, ‘Bwana Kitoko’ et les visites d’État au Congo (MA dissertation, Louvain-la-Neuve, 2010), p. 103; and Museum

in Royals on tour
The contest for ideology
Sung Lee

In the Director General’s report for 1976–77 traditional medicine had become a category unto itself. In 1978 WHO arranged a study tour for members from twenty-nine countries to visit China; another was arranged the following year. That same year the delegations of Ghana, India, New Zealand, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Thailand sponsored a major resolution on the ‘Promotion and development of training and

in Western medicine as contested knowledge
Abstract only
Heather Streets

Gurkhas for a UN rapid reaction force to tackle conflict-ridden areas: ‘Want peacekeepers with spine? Hire the world’s fiercest mercenaries … Let’s hire the nerves-of-steel warriors who defended the Raj to do the world’s dirty work in Bosnia and Rwanda.’ 9 Popular sources like these are indebted to constructions of race and gender produced in the nexus between late nineteenth-century historical events

in Martial races
The International Institute of African Languages and Cultures between the wars
Benoît de L’Estoile

Commission set up by the League of Nations to oversee the Mandates formally given by the League over former German (and Ottoman) colonial Territories, such as (in Africa) Cameroons, Togo, South-West Africa, Burundi and Rwanda. Lugard was the British representative to this commission for much of the inter-war period

in Ordering Africa
Abstract only
Race, sex and empire
Ronald Hyam

Life between Blacks and Whites: the Roots of Racism, London, 1974, pp. 9 and 196; Lorimer, Colour, Class and the Victorians, p. 188. For the Belgian Congo in 1960 see M. Crawford Young, ‘Zaire, Rwanda and Burundi’, in Cambridge History of Africa, VIII; From c. 1940 to c. 1975, ed. M. Crowder, Cambridge, 1984, p. 718

in Empire and sexuality
Invented traditions and ideologies...
Liora Bigon

Bert Ingelare, “Does the Truth Pass across the Fire without Burning?” Transitional Justice and Its Discontents in Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts , Discussion Paper 7 (Antwerpen: Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp, 2007 ), pp. 33–5; Amy Kaler, ‘“Many divorces and many spinsters”: Marriage as an invented tradition in southern Malawi, 1946

in French colonial Dakar
Mary Chamberlain

’. 98 Similarly, the Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo was established to continue the work of the War Crimes Commission in documenting war crimes in Bosnia to preserve historical memory and dignify the victims of war crimes. Rwanda, too, is seeking its own Truth and Reconciliation process as a necessary step in healing the nation. All were or are engaged in reconstituting, even fixing, the

in Empire and nation-building in the Caribbean