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Networked spectrality in Charlie Brooker’s 'Be Right Back’
Neal Kirk

, and posts to online social media sites, which later becomes housed in a biotechnical body. What begins as a means of offsetting grief and announcing Martha’s (Hayley Atwell) pregnancy to her deceased boyfriend, Ash (Domhnall Gleeson), becomes a persistent, uncanny reminder of her loss. Martha ultimately accuses the embodied ‘performance’ of her dead beloved as ‘not enough

in The Gothic and death
Isabella van Elferen

through the carefully laid out safety nets of international culture. The Goth scene would seem to represent both gothic modes. Firstly, the scene, its style and its music are globally spread, and Goths from all over the world connect with one another via websites and social media. Secondly, as Goth self-fashions itself as the dark side of global consumer culture, it subverts the globalised commerce and media it

in Globalgothic
An afterword
Richard J. Hand

surrounding transplantation, genetic manipulation, bio-technology, and robotics has led to ethical debates and enthusiasm in equal measure. As in the best of science fiction, these scientific ideas are extrapolated into powerful speculative fiction. One striking example is ‘Be Right Back’ (Channel 4, 2013), an episode of Charlie Brooker’s television series Black Mirror , in which a bereaved woman purchases a bio-synthetic model of her husband which downloads all the extant digital material of her late husband (from video, social media, and elsewhere) and becomes a

in Adapting Frankenstein
Nineteenth–century fiction and the cinema
Richard J. Hand

his social media presence and other digital ‘memories’. Firstly communicating through texts she upgrades to speak to a reconstructed version of Ash’s voice before purchasing a synthetic model of him which will activate and download the accumulated digital material to become a ‘living’ simulacrum of her dead husband. Although the process helps Martha through the stages of grieving – Ash seems to be as witty, compassionate and physically passionate (in fact, more so) than the original – inevitably the result is a

in Interventions
Science fiction and the futures of the body
Alistair Brown

Second Life , there is a danger in perceiving that technology as it stands at present, or future technology as envisioned by science fiction, gives license for the abolition of current legal frameworks designed to protect people against incest. It is not permissible to enact non-physical abuse via online or social media simply because the perpetrators are virtualised and pseudonymous. Ultimately, all these

in Incest in contemporary literature
Abstract only
Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

informed fans via his social media outlets that he intends to work on web-based horror site material inspired by Creepy Pasta and its viral urban legends, including Slenderman, for a series of short films. Once again, Barker adapts with new technology and media to interrogate contemporary dark fantasies. Barker's contribution to fiction, film, and the arts has produced a rich tapestry, ripe for scholarly

in Clive Barker
Abstract only
David Annwn Jones

with disrespect, and that they view the memorials simply as background props. In some cases, graves have been climbed over and semi-pornographic pictures taken of female Goths. After wide coverage on TV and social media, organisers of the Whitby Goth Weekend have condemned such behaviour yet Nancy Kilpatrick’s The Goth Bible ( 2005 ) advocates cemetery picnics and taking rubbings of gravestone

in Gothic effigy
Abstract only
David Annwn Jones

play is the final sharing of the different resultant girls on social media. This kind of amusement is designed for the generation that grew up with IT avatars and Facebook. 9.2 Ghost trains By the mid-1800s ghost shows and horror displays, walk-in theatrical productions that incorporated illusions, actors and static models, were a major part of the fairground

in Gothic effigy
Zombie pharmacology In the Flesh
Linnie Blake

per cent, instead of increasing them in line with inflation. As Nicholas Watt has reported ( 2014 ), this led twenty-seven Anglican bishops and sixteen other clergy to condemn publicly the culture of ‘hardship and hunger’ such measures had caused. 6 In a popular social-media counter

in Neoliberal Gothic