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Becky Alexis-Martin

human age are sequestered away within the ginkgo’s trunk during each growing season, to be accessed only by the dark art of dendrochronology. To unlock the secrets of the ginkgo and humankind, you need to perform surgery – to drill deep into its heart and extract a slice of history. There are already ginkgoes dotted across Manchester, if you know where to look for them. Eleven specimens grow on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, planted on 19 May 2017. However, the tale of the Manchester hibakujumoku ginkgoes traverses scientific discovery, warfare and, finally

in Manchester
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Private greed, political negligence and housing policy after Grenfell

As the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire of 14 June 2017 has slowly revealed a shadowy background of outsourcing and deregulation, and a council turning a blind eye to health and safety concerns, many questions need answers. Stuart Hodkinson has those answers. Safe as Houses weaves together Stuart’s research over the last decade with residents’ groups in council regeneration projects across London to provide the first comprehensive account of how Grenfell happened and how it could easily have happened in multiple locations across the country. It draws on examples of unsafe housing either refurbished or built by private companies under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to show both the terrible human consequences of outsourcing and deregulation and how the PFI has enabled developers, banks and investors to profiteer from highly lucrative, taxpayer-funded contracts. The book also provides shocking testimonies of how councils and other public bodies have continuously sided with their private partners, doing everything in their power to ignore, deflect and even silence those who speak out. The book concludes that the only way to end the era of unsafe regeneration and housing provision is to end the disastrous regime of self-regulation. This means strengthening safety laws, creating new enforcement agencies independent of government and industry, and replacing PFI and similar models of outsourcing with a new model of public housing that treats the provision of shelter as ‘a social service’ democratically accountable to its residents.

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Something rich and strange

Manchester: Something rich and strange challenges us to see the quintessential post-industrial city in new ways. Bringing together twenty-three diverse writers and a wide range of photographs of Greater Manchester, it argues that how we see the city can have a powerful effect on its future – an urgent question given how quickly the urban core is being transformed. The book uses sixty different words to speak about the diversity of what we think of as Manchester – whether the chimneys of its old mills, the cobbles mostly hidden under the tarmac, the passages between terraces, or the everyday act of washing clothes in a laundrette. Unashamedly down to earth in its focus, this book makes the case for a renewed imaginative relationship that recognises and champions the fact that we’re all active in the making and unmaking of urban spaces.

Ruut Veenhoven
Nivré Claire Wagner
, and
Jan Ott

. ( 1984 ). View through a window may influence recovery from surgery . Science , 224 , 420 – 421 . Veenhoven , T. ( 1984 ). Conditions of happiness . Dordrecht : Reidel

in Rural quality of life
Trevor Barnes

her so much he tried to kill her” ( Carver 1981 , 170). Mel, an ER cardiologist and Terri’s current partner, says, “My God, don’t be silly. That’s not love” ( Carver 1981 , 171). Instead, he offers a different story. It is of an elderly couple who are horribly injured in a freeway accident but who survive following all-night surgery in which Mel participates. After two weeks, they are taken out of the ICU, but both remain swaddled, as Mel puts it, in “casts and bandages, from head to foot … Little eye holes and nose holes and mouth holes” ( Carver 1981 , 183). The

in The power of pragmatism
Maria Christina Crouch
Jordan P. Lewis

Alaska Native peoples and Tribes have rich cultures signified by strength, resilience and growth in the face of historical and contemporary traumas (Peter, 2008 ). Alaska Native culture has been rooted in the natural environment and within rural communities. Notably, there existed precolonial ontology, pedagogy and epistemology for all aspects of life, such as medicine, surgery, diet, meteorology

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The Myatts Field North PFI horror show
Stuart Hodkinson

drop-in surgeries with homeowners, correspondence with affected residents, Lambeth and Regenter, and analysing local authority reports, contractual documentation and reports and minutes from the PFI Project Liaison Board and MFN RAMB meetings with Lambeth and Regenter. Through this approach, I was able to document the experiences of 19 homeowners as well as to collect evidence on the overall process. 32 London Borough of Lambeth, ‘Rebuilding Myatts’, Newsletter, Issue 4, March 2005. 33 London Borough of Lambeth, ‘Leaseholder information sheet’, September 2007. SAH

in Safe as houses
Stuart Hodkinson

of this effort, the overall accountability vacuum SAH.indb 186 30/01/2019 12:45:01 The accountability vacuum 187 remained and a certain methodology of evasion was identified. All residents experienced being passed around different contractors without resolution, while elected representatives found their efforts to scrutinise delivery of the contract and contractors’ performance continually frustrated by frequent changes of personnel attending meetings and surgeries, and a refusal to disclose information deemed ‘commercially confidential’. Finally, we saw how

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