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Different levels of biopolitics
Verena Namberger

other side. The history of the pill, and with it the history of the synthetic production of oestrogen and progesterone, is deeply rooted in disciplinary policy regimes and postcolonial power relations. The pill can be seen as the scientific outcome of US policy efforts of the 1950s and 1960s to restrict the reproductive power of non-white or deviant women; and as such it is closely linked with other techniques of ‘public hygiene’ (Preciado, 2013 : 176) in a Foucauldian sense. When clinical trials in prisons and psychiatric

in Birth controlled
Roslyn Kerr

, infertility problems, and kidney and liver problems, amongst other effects (Kettman, 2000 ). Dimeo and Hunt ( 2011 , p. 587) described the workings of the GDR’s doping programme thus: Athletes were not given a choice: once an individual reached a certain standard of performance their coach would provide them with the pills. The coach would be following the instructions of the doping working group, and each sports federation would have a doping programme. The doctors would support

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The economy of unromantic solidarity
Nazima Kadir

, during a period in prison, he weaned himself off of his addiction on his own. In prison, he was given pills to assuage his withdrawal symptoms; since he kicked his addiction without the pills, he saved them and sold them to other prisoners. Another squatter, Darrel, described how once, squatters had found Morris half dead after several days of lying in his own vomit and filth. They took him to a hospital where he was revived. Morris was incredibly kind to me during the period in which he regularly spent time in

in The autonomous life?
Abstract only
Karen Throsby

technology that has just started to enter marathon swimming from other sporting domains such as American football, as well as from the space programme (where it originates), the military and fire fighting: the ingestible thermometer pill. This is a body monitoring 93 Making it count 93 system that incorporates a crystal sensor that vibrates at a frequency relative to the body’s internal temperature. This generates a signal that can be detected by a data recorder passed close to the body. The pill passes through the digestive system over a period of twenty-four to

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Re-visioning family change
Jane Gray
Ruth Geraghty
, and
David Ralph

social housing. As a teenager, when she started going steady with her boyfriend she went to her GP to ask about contraception but ‘by the time I got the pill I was already pregnant, the damage had been done’. Because of her own experience, Ruth’s mother discouraged her from getting married. At first Ruth lived at home with her baby, but then moved into separate housing with her partner, the baby’s father. Their relationship was tumultuous because ‘he was wild and wanted to be out with the boys drinking … Throwing him out, taking him back, throwing him out, taking him

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Cameron Ross

the threat of prosecution to keep the chief executives in line. The State Council To sweeten the pill and to partially compensate the regional elite for their loss of membership in the upper chamber, Putin on September 1, 2000 created a new presidential advisory body – the State Council.28 The new body which is made up of all of the chief executives from the regions meets once every three months and is chaired by the President. There is also an inner presidium made up of seven governors (one from each of the federal districts), whose membership rotates each six

in Federalism and democratisation in Russia
Naomi Chambers
Jeremy Taylor

. L: I don't think they did. The pills just wiped him out. He'd be asleep for the next day, all day. It was horrible. J: It was horrible. So rather than that, we just put up with him with it. He would pull people's hair – quite often that was being over-affectionate rather than aggressive. That could be difficult, very challenging even for Lucinda and I. Or he'd pull my ears

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