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Sarah Glynn

of men accused of war crimes in 1971. This was expressed in protest demonstrations at the many visits of the Jamaat-e-Islami MP and charismatic preacher, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi. Ali Riaz notes how Sayeedi has played a leading role in turning traditional public gatherings for scriptural commentary, known as waz mahfils, into a vehicle for expounding on contemporary politics; and he has described how the preacher’s speeches fired his listeners with hatred for the secularists, which could erupt in violence against the protestors. Waz mahfils have been organised for

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End
Sarah Glynn

. They were the main coalition partner in the BNP’s government between 2001 and 2006 and remain, at the time of writing, their main partner in the opposition alliance. The Awami League has taken the secularist-religious battle to the courts. In 2005, the Bangladesh High Court pronounced that amendments made to the original constitution under military rule were illegal and hence nullified. This position was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2010, and that same year saw the establishment of a special tribunal in Dhaka to reopen the cases of the men accused of war crimes in

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End
Refugees and schools in the Manchester region
Bill Williams

connected to the Jewish Refugee Committee in Bloomsbury House. It was perhaps the case that she used contacts at Bloomsbury House to obtain visas for Michael and Wolfgang. During the Second World War, Michael Bluhm was a member of the British Intelligence Corps, and later acted as an interpreter at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. After the war he went into medical physics, working in Glasgow and London. The parents of Dr Max Maxwell (formerly Yehuda Abrams) were born in a village near Mogilev, in 1904. His father left the village for America in 1905 but perished in a

in ‘Jews and other foreigners’
Self-restraint and salvation
Robert G. Ingram

was not, though, the only perverse position he held. A survey of the polemical career in which 256 None of us are born free he developed and promulgated those perverse positions itself reveals how England’s long Reformation drew to a close. NOTES 1 Z. Grey, Chronological and historical account of … earthquakes (1750: T082798); Z. Grey, Farther account of memorable earthquakes (1756: T082799). See also N. Rogers, Mayhem: Post-War Crime and Violence in Britain, 1748–53 (New Haven, 2013), pp. 89–107. 2 [E. Montagu], Dissertation upon earthquakes (1750: T120672

in Reformation without end
Sarah Glynn

parties such as Jamaat-e-Islami, were armed and organised by the Pakistan army. Individuals among them used their local knowledge to perpetrate or facilitate some of the worst atrocities of the war, and some have recently been tried for war crimes. Although the vast majority of the London Bengalis were pro-independence, there were some who held more conservative views, followed a more political form of Islam, or did not want to abandon old loyalties. Ashraf and Rezia Hussein explained to Caroline Adams that Both Aftab Ali [the seamen’s leader] and Abbas [Ali, founder of

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End
Open Access (free)
Agency and selfhood at stake
Lara Apps
Andrew Gow

. 24 Granted,women are more likely to be victimised in this way,and the risk of impregnation is specific to women. For a brief overview of sexual torture, see Mike Jempson, ‘Torture worldwide’, A Glimpse of Hell , 46–86. On the concept of rape as torture and as a war crime, see Rhonda Copelon, ‘Surfacing gender: Reconceptualizing crimes against women in time of war’, The

in Male witches in early modern Europe
Christopher Tyerman

the wars against fascism and during the subsequent Cold War. After 1945, concepts and institutions of international law were applied at least rhetorically to the legitimacy of the use of force and the notion of war crimes. In Europe, the fall of the Soviet Empire after 1989 recreated states as well as granting new independence to existing ones. Their inevitable redefinition of identity encouraged engagement in a non-Communist vision of history. In many cases – such as Hungary, Poland, the Baltic States – this included the crusades. The simultaneous enlargement of

in The Debate on the Crusades
Sarah Glynn

faith, believing that actions here will be rewarded in the world to come.41 In the protests against the Bangladeshi war-crimes trials in 2013, where he took a prominent role, Miah’s interpretation of events merged class divisions into his Islamist narrative. Speaking to a demonstration outside the Bangladeshi High Commission, timed to coincide with Hefazat-e-Islam’s Siege of Dhaka on 5 May, he contrasted the ‘rich sons and daughters of Shahbagh’ who have ‘declared war on Allah and on our Prophet’ with ‘the real people of Bangladesh’ who ‘are coming from the ground

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End
Alec Ryrie

cross to Fife and burn indiscriminately there. If he met any resistance, he was to slaughter entire populations: men, women and children.71 The letter carrying these instructions has become infamous. Its threats could never have been fully implemented, but it does read like an order to commit war crimes. Seymour was very unhappy with these orders. He repeatedly protested, arguing for the original plan, and indeed spending a sleepless night after receiving the instructions from London, but Henry was adamant. He was also clear as to why he had changed his mind. Henry

in The origins of the Scottish Reformation
Abstract only
Ambiguous passions and misrecognition
Ruth Sheldon

are hopeless, helpless –​bombing Gaza from the sea, from the air, from the tanks, from everything. Bombing Gaza and using actually phosphoric bombs … and actually children were dismembered by this bombardment. Repeating the phrase ‘we are victims’, Abdul Almasi pleaded with the audience:  ‘Zionist lobby is supporting that. And the Western world are silent about this … What, what about humanity? What about war crimes? Where is the human rights? What about the Geneva treaties?’ By grounding his narrative in the moral authority of human rights and presenting himself

in Tragic encounters and ordinary ethics