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An allegory of imperial rapport
Deirdre Gilfedder

Britain. 27 Yet they also signal its declining relevance in an increasingly multicultural society with the narrow focus on the ‘Anglo’ white male dissipating in the films of the 1990s and beyond. Felicity Collins and Therese Davis demonstrate the rupture that the Mabo decision of 1992 (a High Court decision that allowed Indigenous Australians to claim their land rights) brought to Australian cinema, 28 introducing a

in The British monarchy on screen
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The Queen in Australia
Jane Landman

–1. 32 Moran, Projecting Australia , pp. 54, 55–80. 33 Graham Shirley and Brian Adams, Australian Cinema: The First Eighty Years (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1983 ). 34 Moran, Projecting Australia ; David McKnight

in The British monarchy on screen